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I always liked MAD it was funny and it's a crossover ov voery thing . I was watching an episode yesterday.

After the intro I saw FRED, Pooh, Applejack, Homestar Runner, and Mr. Bumpy dancing on a tree inside of an airplane. Then the airplane flew into the train station and everyone died. Suddenly Pinkie pie ;pookes at me and shed "Oh my!

Then I saw Papa Smurf and Marzipan in the room of my house, I also saw Gir who was sitting on my stove and melting. U ALSO saw a rainbow dash with an all red mane and no wings. She attacked me and I went in the TV. I saw all my family members getting killed and Taz and Yogi Bear were wrestling. I saw a grave that said RiP Bambi's mom, RiP Mufasa, and an grave with a whole in frunt shaying RiP Hannah! I was so scared~! How did he know my name? Y wus i gunna fye? I saw The Poopsmith figging gravesd all dat, I also saw Mordecai and Twilight Sparkle Having Sexy Vexy thenn Wilightg Sparkle poo[ped and it formed imto a sonic lookalike.

"Hi! Momma daddy!"

Twilight and Mordecai cheered.

rthedbn thed baby looked at me with murefder in heis eys then I looked at the sky and cloyds formed into "Poor Dinky" then ther little guy jumped on me and tore out my organs that I could live without. Thrn they pooped aghain and this time it formed into.... THE GREAT MIGHTY POOP!!!!! OH NOWST

Celestia looked at me and mouthed "run" I obeyed him and ran away. I saw Discord spit Celestia and they did it too. I was getting worried so I jumped out of the Tv and crushed it with a giant mallert. Now I'll never watch TV agin.

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