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Actual Picture Of The Chatacter...

I am Madaline, I have a....problem. I'm a 16 year teenager on my way to becomeing 17.I still live with my parents,but only because of my problem. I'm a very quiet girl, very shy, almost mute as from what everyone else says. I don't go to school anymore, I was an A+ Student in everything. Only thing is, my problem is what got me kicked out of school. What is this problem you say? Well, I'm usually depressed, when I'm not depressed, I'm panicking over something. I'm easily triggered, if I get too frantic I may hurt someone. So the schools thought it was to dangerous to have me in ANY school.So I'm home schooled, or atleast I USED to be. That was until I was finished with all my lessons and there was nothing left to teach. I can't go to a college they won't accept me. So I just sit at home and stare out my window at the forest. Until one day everything changed. It was a normal day, when my father came home drunk. He always beat me and my mother when he was like this. I could hear my mother's screams from downstairs, but this time was different. I heard the sound of things breaking. My mother just suddenly stopped screaming, I got curious and and went downstairs to find her on the kitchen floor dead. I froze in place as my father slowly turned towards me. In his hand was a broken beer bottle with blood dripping off the sharp ends from where it was smashed. I reached around for a weapon as my father neared me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pocket knife. He ran at me as I pulled it out, I panicked and stabbed him right in the gut. He froze as he slowly put his hand to the knife. He fell over and whimpered. After about a minute of me standing there trying to peice together what just happened, he slowly got up. He grabbed the knife and pulled it out. I heard the loud CLANG of it hitting the floor. I saw him begin to pull the broken bottle up, I had to act quick, I jumped out of the way as he swung at me. "Son of a bitch!" He yelled as he accidently got the bottle stick in the wall. I took this as an opportunity, I ran over and grabbed the knive. He finally got the beer bottle out the wall and turned towards me. I kicked him against the wall and began stabbing him. After about a minute, he slid down the wall and let the bottle go. I fell onto my knees, I began to cry, It quickly turned to laughter, I put my hands on my head and began to laugh insanly. I took the knife and carved in a smiley face on his cheek. I took some blood from the knife and and painted on an arrow under each of my eyes. I painted on the wall above my father the sentence Remember to smile and I left off to the city. After that day, I've never been depressed again, i'm always smiling. Everything makes me smile, especially seeing those beautiful smiles on my victims cheeks. One last thing, remember to smile!

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