Madness Combat 666:Sataning: Part 2

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This is a Trollpasta, and is meant to not be taken seriously.

This was made for fun and nothing else.

This is a continuation from the first part of this story. (yes i am making a part 2, the last line from the first part was both a joke and not at the same time), so read the first part if you haven't.


Madness Combat - Krinkles

Rayman - Ubisoft

Shrek - DreamWorks Animation

Spiderman - Disney, Marvel Studios, Sony


The black figure apperead ian may room with a guiutar and Said:



then he strated to playi Wonder wal

I startersd melting and everyone laughed at me for doing that .

Then the black figure became a scremian sklekleton and said:



He madew a whole int he groudna amadea me fall in there.

as i fell i donw i fsooson reealixwed it was pre tyghy cold in ter (at least give e me a blanket wif spiderman on it!).

I becmepoe solid again and the hard grounbd. I was in a void! Eevrryawhere ia looked was white.

It he was i was very scared and it made me scared

Then i started aawlking aroundm, marverling at my noew soroudings.

I later got bored and slept iona the whiteyet comgfformtable nothingness below me.

I Dremt about SHrek in the same place ai was !

Then he said to me:

-Soon enough you will gain masterful handling of the guitar and will swiftly join the local rock and roll band known as "Trees and Piss".


I had a god night/day/nothing sleep.

I was deapsartly trying to make senc of thso ssutiooantoin, when, all o f asudden, Shrek appeared in reaiol life!

He handed me a guitar and said:

-Let's learn the guitar togheter, ey?

I stabbed him in the stomach 507.4 times with the guitar he gave me. idid t that becaus shreck didnte briung me a coat

Then i realised i was nithgmaring!

Probably from that godforsaken slaadt ia found thata comaoputer form!

Oh, i forgot, bad spelling. Sorry!

i awas getin vea boarode wnhwiael santing int htis void. i know waht bthjese athing ars because ai read RIck NAd Morty the Lost epsiode

i aws d sos close to garbing the handy danty rope and hangian mayself form the noneaexistent ceiling iwth that Homer picture iwt Nicolasees bloudy head in his arm

Then it srtuck me.

I was in my, uh, i mean the slatds computer !

The Great Escape

I turneas mays elf inbto an exe header and persuaded te black figure to play me.

tHe black figure said:

-I know Shrek told me not to open things that arent mine, but whats the worst that can happen?

He clicked and opened me. This was my only chance.

I decdidede to put raymanm1 as trhe substituet/coverup for my escape.

He was was surpised toa find raytman to be gone and to be replaced with me!

i prankede him bye making all enemies disspaear and puttting alot of unrealistic blood on the ground, yet i still saw him frtighened still.

once he beat the levels i put up static and maed him anable to exit out as i opened the disk tray and liquified me fell onto my carpet of SpidermAN

Then afeter 12 seconds i put a an image of trayman witfh limbs and blood blue eyes and the a scream from the maze since like it

The blue eyed, limbful rayman i used to scare the black figreu


The black figurea startead bleedinga all types of liquides.

Hebecome nothigna but a sack of wartere with tpaint in it

I tasted it and i sayed to myslef:

-tastes ajus tlike water with paint in it! what a weird guy

I sold it ooff on ebay with the usb to a guyu called "4fortress9"

He wrote the rick and morty losat epixosed pasta i read!

i had adigital bear with him.

While packaging the usb, i found out the contents were made by stan!

he must have the same tastes as i ahve!

what a weird guy...

he probalby made this as a a prank!

So... never pickup cardboard boxrs with subas and papaer in them or or eat and collect the pc from computer salads you find on the ground.

Hate that cursed salasd!

That is a all ahave to say anda sda to my staregane happenings.

P.S. i see the black figure outside my house

the ned?

Written by Bruh the moe man
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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