Many Ways the Jets can win the Super Bowl

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With the lack of skills from the New York Jets depth chart, fans seem to think it is impossible the Jets can win. But you haven't think hard! That is the problem! Here are many ways the Jets can win the Super Bowl

Player Arrangement Ways

>Get rid of Mark Sanchez

>Get Richard Sherman into their team somehow

>Draft an Oregon Ducks player

>Get rid of Mark Sanchez

>New coach

>Let Evil Patrixx train the entire offense how to turn the football into a Goar Fest

>Get rid of Mark Sanchez

Regular Team Arrangement Ways

>Change their uniform and logo

>Promote Bud Light so people can drink beer while watching a Jets game so they can win. Magic!

>Decrease ticket prices

>Stop sharing MetLife stadium with the New York Giants

>Convince the Giants to get renamed for a different city. (Maybe Portland)

>Get a mascot who is an F-15 jet.

Crazy Ways

>Hire Jeff the Killer to become a running back so he can slice the defense through for a touchdown.

>Place a radio at the opponent team's bathroom and put in Lavender Town

>Replace the coach's playbook with the last 2 sequels of Shrek is Love

>Get all the citizens of NY to start wearing green even after St. Evil Patrixx Day

>Make a white T-Shirt with the Jets logo ontop of the Statue of Liberty

>Create a theme song

>Make a green and white ice cream product called the "The team who can't win a Superbowl ever again"

>Instead of pouring Gatorade, pour Guacamole on the coach

Risky, yet certain Ways

>Read "50 Shades of Grey" and post it to all the AFC teams on Facebook for some online reading

>Let Mark Sanchez throw for at LEAST a first down

>Shrek is Love, seriously, it's the best way.

>Get rid of Mark Sanchez, oh wait, that isn't risky. Well, lets draft a QB then.

>Remove, and dump the unflushed toilet on the field for the next home game.

>Rename selves to the New York Turnovers

>Support the Seahawks-Packers game

>Quit being worthy for offensive memes. (which scores more than the Jets offense)

The End

The Jets WILL win the Super Bowl with either 10 of these rules! But, they will never beat the Seahawks.


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