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...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

let me start off by saying all characters in this story are over the age of 25. so you know that weird fucked up youtube channel marble hornes right? well there was a encounter that was so fucking stupid that they no realeased it so here it it. (i acctually watch marble hornets).

marble hornets entry 82 thousand!!!-so alex was drunk and he was drinking vodka and it was night and the camera guy were talking about shit nobody gives a fuck about and masky ran to them in a horse mask naked and jumped on alex and butt fucked him. jessica rolled over and puked in alexes face. alex shot jessica for being a bitch and he shot the camera guy and masky continued butt fucking him.

it then showed hoodie maskys brother i guess running in circles in a butterfly suit.

slendermen was then on the roof naked dancing in a ballarina suit and falling off.

it then shows the guy in his hotel room shitting on his bed and going to bed on it. and masky came and stole his wallet and jumped out the window. the guy didn't give a shit so he didn't look at all.

it then showed alex smoking cocaine in front of a biulding and masky comes naked in a unicorn mask and shoots him.

it then says in rainbow words alex is dead... .it then shows slenderman dancing and then fucking a hooker.

it was then raining and the guy was in his hotel and jessica was dead on duh floor so then slender man rode his horse in the room and telaported to the guy and farted in his face.

and then a skeleton popped out and butt fucked the guy. (gay skeleton in dis one)

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