Mario’s Madness: The Sequel

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Day 1

Mario was talking to Luigi about what he wants for food. Luigi seemed normal. He seemed happy. So, the conversation went like this.

"Luigi, what do you want?"

"Could I have some FUCKING spaghetti?"

"How dare you swear, Luigi!"

"M-Mario, it just slipped out."

"You have made me angry, I will do something bad to you…"

"Good luck, I’m gonna play Mario Kart Wii."

Mario said something to himself. He was doing something evil. Something that Luigi couldn’t do. To that game. Mario said this.

"He he he haw, little did he know, I hacked that copy!"

Luigi turned on the Wii. Luigi was confused why the Mario Kart Wii logo was red. He only had one thing to say.

"Eh, it’s probably a glitch."

Luigi continued playing. He saw that there was only one cup he could choose. It was called Luigi’s Hell Cup. Luigi was shocked. This is what he said.


Mario laughed in the other room. To himself of course. Luigi continued. Like nothing ever happened.

He went to the first track. It was called Bloody Mushroom Gardens. Luigi was kinda scared. As in he wasn’t screaming. At all.

He was the only racer. The countdown was different. This is what the countdown was.

"4, 13, 666, DIE!"

Luigi seemed confused. The music was backwards. Luigi thought it was 'just a glitch', what a idiot, am I right? Right? Haha.

There was only one lap. His car was a coffin. Luigi questioned it. Luigi said this.

"Why in the hell is my car a coffin? I wanted it to be a Tesla!" Luigi however never owned a Tesla. But, he does own NFT’s. So scary I know.

When the track finished. There was race 2. He was on his own. The track was called [Insert scary name here], Luigi screamed. The track was a big circle with blood everywhere. There were -1 laps.

When Luigi completed it. He flipped the middle finger up at the Wii. The next two tracks were very quick. I’m lazy, so, shit happened. A message appeared that said YOUR NEXT. Stuff like that.

At the end of the day, Luigi was shot and killed by the FBI. For not paying his taxes. Which was very uncalled for. Mario never changed the Wii back. If you play that damn Wii in that damn story, you could be next. Mario will kill you, too…!

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