Mario Sunshine, I'm Not Ready

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"...and with that, let's get to the next headlines! Some man has hacked a normal copy of Super Mario Sunshine, and he tried it and the result was strange. Which person does this copy belong to? Only time will tell."

Was that my brother who hacked it? Because he was great at hex editing, ASM codes, programming and some other nerdy things, and I had a GameCube with 3 games: Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Mario Sunshine.

I put the Super Mario Sunshine disc on my GameCube to make sure the result is the same as the news anchor on TV had told. The game started normal, with the Nintendo logo and classic coin sound, Dolby logo and "Nintendo Presents" and "Super Mario Sunshine" text. I noticed the "M" being drawn by Shadow Mario and his laugh didn't come up, as did the intro cutscene. The title screen showed up, and I noticed the sky was hippified, making my eyes hurt. The logo also read "enihsnuS oiraM repuS", "Super Mario Sunshine" reversed.

When I got to the file select screen, Mario had his 8-bit sprite from Super Mario Bros., instead of his model as usual. I selected File A, and it exploded to bits. A message that read "Do you want to create this file?" then appeared, with a selection: Yes or No. I chose Yes, somehow wanting to start.

The next cutscene was the wrong way, though. First, the airplane was hit by what I think is Shadow Mario's paintbrush. Then it fell, and crashed, but the passengers survived the crash, and that came to the big graffiti Piranha boss (no, not Petey Piranha).

I tried to spray water at the Piranha, but then I noticed that I had no FLUDD. I came to where FLUDD usually was in the beginning, but the FLUDD cutscene and FLUDD instructions didn't play.

Instead, loud 1-Up sounds had occured and a gigantic 1-Up item appeared on the Piranha. The Piranha gave a big roar before getting squished by the 1-Up, revealing a Power Star from Super Mario 64 instead of a Shine Sprite. I guess my brother swapped the Shine Sprite model for the Power Star model.

I didn't touch that Star.

But the ground was so clean and slippery that I slipped into the sea and went past a shortcut to Pinna Park. I cannot talk to the Nokis, and when I entered the park, a cutscene played. It pulled me to, and my eyes were glued to the TV, and the cutscene showed the Yoshi merry-go-round going faster and faster, and all the kids riding it were screaming and thrown to the other side of the island, and Shadow Mario's Mecha Bowser broke and exploded to bits, revealing his true form, Bowser Jr., and then Mario was shocked to see Peach from the horizon.

He tried to get her, but Bowser got her first. And Mario raged like that raging guy meme, and exploded. The Game Over screen appeared shortly after.

I tried reseting, but to no avail. I tried powering it off, but it produced the LOUDEST AND LONGEST sound in the world, ever, that made me jump back and fly and crash out of the window.

I am still flying to this day. Wait, Mario was me! He fell in the forest, and then saw what I believe was a Pianta riding a horse. Horses never really appeared in Super Mario Sunshine, but I was so glad to finally find one in the game.

Beside the horse and Pianta, an unused Goomba.

I didn't touch that Goom.

But a lion grabbed me and threw me into the Goom, and I was panicking because the touch was so hot, and I flew into the sky and crashlanded in Bowser's pool, and jumped on the 4 platforms I had to destroy, defeating Bowser.

I was so excited for beating the game with no stars, that I exploded.

But it all was a dream, and the game was really never hacked anyway.

It was all normal.

With that, I can keep my GameCube and games with me.

The End.

Uploaded on Spinpasta by MeerkatMario, uploaded on Trollpasta by Fatal Disease

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