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Ok, so I was playing some weird Super Mario fan game I found on USB taped to a GameStop, I don't know why somebody did that but it's weird the game was called "Among Mario" which is like "Among Us" the game was a exe file, (very scary) but then, I remembered, I don't use Windows. I use mac books! so, instead of buying a windows pc like a rich idiot, I made a virtual machine and ran the game.

It started like among us but with crewmates and Mario characters. Then I started a match, I was the imposter aka Super Mario, I played and killed the crewmates and other Super Mario characters I said "Mario is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUS!" Mario heard me and then jumped out of the game!


I said: on a USB taped on a GameStop building.

Mario then toke out the USB and smashed it with a hammer from Donkey Kong Arcade and told me to have a good day

Turns out, Mario was being tortured in the game and was forced to be a sussy imposter Moral of the story, don't play games off of USBs taped to a building


Written by FireMario98
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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