Mario galaxy fawfuls ghost?

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now what im about to tell you is going to get confusing. so just a heads up. well strap yourslf in and enjoy

what can be said about mario? that its legendary would be an understatement. but do you really think a colorful E-rated game would have three of its best villans brought back from the dead in demonic form?

well lets step back a little in history and find out

mario and iuigi: superstar saga

one of the first mario RPG's i came to know as a kid. and it was promising. cackletta was a great villan for the time. i almost felt bad when she died in the final fight. it was a sad time.

R.I.P cackletta.

now lets go a little bit further into history.

mario and luigi:bowser's inside story

this game was both fun and insanly funny. said to be the very first mario game where bowser had a sense of humor. and when i found that fawful was the main villan i was like "OMG FAWFUL IS TEH MAIN VILLAN" also his theme is just JAZZIN. and his sidekick midbus was a very strange guy in my eyes. he made his apperance in ths game only. and he died in the same game. the blizzard mdbus battle had supposedly caused his unfortunate passing.

R.I.P midbus.

and then at the very end of the game fawful kills himself trying to kill mario.

R.I.P fawful.

and now the very last stop in our little step through history.

super mario galaxy 2

possibly the best mario game ever. i bet most of you watching this will know that if you look up and to the left in shiverburn galaxy you see these three strange figures. and yes; my theory is that fawful, cackletta, and midbus came back from the dead in demonic form to eternaly stare at you for there is nothing else they can do....

but there is a debate

gonintendo says that the texture for shiverburn is called "beyondhellvalleysky" and the texture for those things is called "hellvalleyskytree" sorry gonintendo those are not trees! we may never know what these things may be. but maybe nintendo will tell us in the future.

and to you reader.. peace and goodbye.

Credited to Deathtocreepers55
Originally uploaded on May 26, 2012

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