Marios shit day

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so mario and luigi were outside and luigi jumped on a goomba. and mario tripped on the goomba and hit his head on a tunnel.

mario jumped over the tunnel but hit his chin on it and fell in. the floor was 10 feet down and mario broke one of his legs. mario yelled dammit!. mario saw a block and punched it and his knuckles broke. mario screamed like a dumbass and a koopa ran into him. mario got out and hit his head on the same brick. a mushroom came out and mario ate it. and he vomited on a blue goomba. mario was sick and the goombas beat the shit out of mario for puking on a goomba. mario climb up a pipe and shit got on him. on the pipe was a koopa taking a shit then the koopa fell in and landed on mario. mario got up and started climbing. and mario got out and fell to the ground as a goomba then walked on top of him. mario started crying and a pirahna plant came from a tunnel and got marios ass on fire. mario screamed and accidently jumped in a whole and landed on a pointy rock. marios back started bleeding.. mario climbed back up. and luigi ran on top of him and squished his fingers. mario fell on the spikes again and layed there for 2 minutes and climbed back up.

mario continued walking and a brick fell on his head mario got knocked out. mario woke up and tripped over a tunnel and fell in the tunnel and landed his head on the ground. and another brik fell on marios head. mario was so angry he kicked a brik and his foot broke and mario screamed. then a goomba knocked down mario. and the goombas started jumping on him and hitting him with bricks they then stole his hat. mario got up and went up the tunnel and lakitu came and threw rocks at him mario fell down and did the splits. mario screamed and cllimbed back out.

mario cralwed as lakitu threw rocks at him. mario climbed up the steps and fell down multiple times.

at the last part mario jumped on the flag pole and hit his head. and marios sleeve got stuck on top of it. luigi came and jumped on mario. mario fell on the giant brick and hit his head. and luigi fart in his face.

mario woke up and saw luigi fucking rosaline from super mario galaxy.

cause mario now likes her and mario killed peach for her. mario got very angry and lakitu his mario with his cloud and go him up in the air and dropped him to the ground on purpose. mario hit his head on top of the flag pole and mario has died.

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