Mass Defect 3

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Author's note: Hey guys! This is my first creepypasta! I accidentally deleted the first version so if you would like to see the first version, let me know! Sincerely, ChantJr.

I love playing Mass Effect 3. It's a great shooter game and I play it a lot. But after that one horrid day, I never touched the game ever again. It started out as a normal playing session, me, loughlin and drewiee playing in a multiplayer server. I always loved to kill the enemy next to the wall, as the head would spaz. I did so for the first 5 waves, and then the game crashed.

So I figured the game just had an error, reset the Xbox, and proceeded to the Mass Effect 3 main menu. Though, as I went to invite them back, I saw that I was not logged in. I tried to log in, but text appeared saying:

"Failed to connect to XBLA. Please try again later."

So I got a little impatient and tried again not even seconds later. But the text was different and pretty unusual "I asked nicely, now bother me later." I proceeded to sign in. It now said, "Are you an idiot? I said later!"

I did not stop trying, as I was determined to play with my friends. It now said a really aggressive statement:

"DO NOT TRY TO LOG IN! PLAY YOUR GAME OR WE TAKE AWAY YOUR XBLA ACCOUNT!" I did not want to lose my account, so I stopped.

I figured it would sign me in if I selected multiplayer. It didn't sign me in, but it let me got to the multiplayer menu. I just did what I would do, start a match. So I played as usual and in no time I was on the extraction wave. But instead of the victory music and message showing up, the ship landed on my character and blood spewed everywhere.

Text displayed saying, "It was an accident!" But in between the "was" and "an" was tiny text saying:


Suddenly, the "an accident" faded away, and "ON PURPOSE" got larger.

It froze, but as I went to reset the Xbox, the Xbox started to smoke, and then it lit on fire as Geth Pyro sound effects played. I called 911 as I ran outside and across the street to my neighbors house. The house burned down. All the Firefighter said was, "You're 24, you should be more responsible than this"

All I saw was the leftover ashes and blood stains of my family. I cried as the last of the fire was put out. I sent a letter to Microsoft, attempting to sue them. They replied back the next day "Would you like a free game?"

Credited to ChantJr
Originally uploaded on March 1, 2013

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