Max Payne: Devil's revenge

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I was bored, so I was searching for games, I found a torrent of Max Payne 1, I remember playing that game years ago, it was hard as hell.

I downloaded the torrent ans started to play, there was no intro. the menu had no background and the only option was New Game, not even options!

The game started as ever, Max is in the Aesir building with a sniper, and then there is a flashback and he's talking with that police that dies in the second chapter.

After that the part when you discover that his family was killed.

I though that the level of the Metro will appear, but nope, Max was in a mountain and he said: "I will do everything to bring my family to life, please, Satan", this was weird, I was a little scared, "it's only a glitch" I though.

After that the devil itself appeared in front of Max, it was hyper-realistic, like Crysis 3 but better.

With a hyper-realistic demonic voice it said: "If you want your family back, you must give your soul to Satan" why the devil was talking in third person? was he retarded? anyway, Max said: "Everything for my family".

The Devil said: "I will give you the tools for revenge".

After that Aesir building level started, Max could shoot enery balls that killed with one hit, when an enemy is tocuhed by the ball he explodes with hyper-realistic gore, also Max is inmortal.

When the helicopter appeared the game glitched and deleted itself, I said: "Fuck, this is the most fun mod that I ever played" then a message appeared, the message was: "Yo shouldn't have done that..." then Patrixxx appeared and killed me with a dildo.


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