Mecha Builders: The Big Fight

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Hello there! I, Shawn, decided to get a DVD of Sesame Street spinoff show Mecha Builders, and it featured 4 episodes. The first three episodes were normal but when the fourth episode came around, it took a different turn. It started like normal in Pretty Big City, with the three Mecha Builders trying to find ways to solve the problem about garbage.

Mecha Abby: We need to get rid of this trash!

Mecha Elmo: Mecha Elmo suggests that you throw it in the garbage trucks.

Mecha Cookie Monster: Me too!

Suddenly, a garbage truck came. The Mecha Builders stuffed the garbage into the truck.

Mecha Cookie Monster: Alright. We now throw the garbage truck away.

At the request of Cookie Monster, Mecha Abby threw the garbage truck from their area. But, it turns out she had actually thrown it at Mecha Elmo, causing some damage to him.

Mecha Abby: Oops...

Mecha Elmo: You idiot... You should n-never throw a truck at Mecha Elmo...

Mecha Elmo retorted by punching Mecha Abby in the face.

Mecha Abby: Augh... you take that BACK!

Mecha Abby grabbed Mecha Elmo and tossed him into Mecha Cookie Monster.

Mecha Cookie Monster: Cookie Monster gonna show y-you who's boss!

The Mecha Builders started to brawl with each other. As their fight proceeded to into Pretty Big City, they tore a hole through a building. Izzy, the girl who had been around many of the Mecha Builders' plots, noticed their fight.

Izzy: Hey guys, would you please stop fighting?

Mecha Cookie Monster: N-no!!

Mecha Cookie Monster proceeded to throw a piece of the piece at Izzy, who dodged it. Scared, Izzy decided to alert everyone in Pretty Big City and have them evacuate before the Mecha Builders' big fight got worse.

Izzy: Everybody, there is a huge fight between 3 robots! Please evacuate immediately and get out of the city before you get killed!

As Izzy alerted everyone about the fight and that they had to get out, the Mecha Builders' fight began to escalate. From there on, they began to wreck tons of areas, including the town park. Mecha Cookie Monster grabbed a tree and hit Mecha Elmo with it. Mecha Elmo in return ripped a traffic sign from the ground and bashed Mecha Cookie Monster in the leg. Mecha Abby tackled Elmo before Mecha Cookie Monster threw a telephone booth at her.

Mecha Elmo grabbed Mecha Abby by one of her wings and tore it off her back, leaving wires dangling from where that wing was. The Mecha Builders caused even more destruction, and eventually, Mecha Elmo ripped the last undamaged building from its supports and bashed Mecha Cookie Monster through the back, stunning him. Mecha Abby then started to grab Mecha Cookie Monster's head real tight and rip it off.

Mecha Cookie Monster: N-n-no, p-please d-d-d-don't t-tak-k-ke m-m-me he-e-ead off-f-f-f-f-f-

Too late; Mecha Abby tore Mecha Cookie Monster's head off, destroying him in the process. By that point, Pretty Big City was completely destroyed, with debris and ruins everywhere, and the skies had turned dark gray. It had started to rain by then.

Mecha Elmo: You d-dare ki-i-ill Mecha Coo-o-o-k-k-kie? M-Mecha Elmo w-w-will get y-y-yo-u for th-h-h-his!!!

Mecha Abby: M-m-m-m-make m-m-me! T-t-t-this is the e-end f-f-f-for y-y-you, o-o-onc-c-ce and f-f-for a-a-a-a-all!

The heavily damaged Mecha Abby and Elmo rushed at each other, the latter having turned his hands into drills. They eventually clashed with each other, and, when they finally struck each other hard, Mecha Abby exploded, taking Mecha Elmo with and finishing both of them off. The last surviving Mecha Builder, Mecha Tango, flew into the scene. She checked on them, and then left the ruined city, heading for the city next door so she can have a better life there. And that was the end of most of the Mecha Builders.

I was in total shock. Why would the Mecha Builders get into a big fight, destroy Pretty Big City and then each other? I took out the CD and put it away in a shelf box. Hope they don't find out about this.

Written by ShawnTehLogoBoi
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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