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The following is a blog updated once in a while, so please check back every few weeks. The blog is about a machine called "Mecha LOLSKELETONS". 

Sepetember 29, 2052

Hello. I will be writing on this blog because I'm researching a mechanical machine known simply as "Mecha LOLSKELETONS". Right now, I have barely any information on the machine's design, nor do I know about the over-all structure. However, I do know some history on it. You see in the year 2406, a man by the name Resam Yalwek wanted to revive his dead grand father. His grandfather, Aidren Yalwek died of a heart attack. Resam believed that it would be possible to see his dead grand father again. He decided to try to create a time-machine. However, he didn't do any research, so he didn't know anything about ripping through space and time or creating a worm hole. Neither did he know that if he was able to do it, it could only go back in time to when the machine was first created.

Instead of creating a time-machine, what did he make you may ask? He made.... Mecha-LOLSKELETONS. It had cutting edge powers, such as guns. (ONLY THING I KNOW IT HAS RIGHT NOW). The machine quickly killed his master, and proceeded to wipe out nearly a 1/4 of the world's population. OK, that's all I know right now. At least you have a basic under standing of Mecha-LOLSKELETONS's history. See you in a few weeks.

October 19, 2052

I did some more research over the weeks you didn't see anything on my blog. I found more information on the machine's actual weapon system. The machine has two mechanical wings, made of reinforced steal and two large laser gun extending from the wings. These laser guns fire a scalding beam, enough to melt the world's hardest building in a few of these beams. The machine also uses a shell of metal protecting it's chest, since it's shaped like a skeleton, and ya know, slashes from something could break the bone structure.

Let me expand more on it's defense system, as I just mentioned it has a shell of metal to protect it's chest. It also uses it's wings to defend it's self from any kind of projectile accept for fire. Fire is the machine's main weakness, but it obviously has a defense for this. The machine has an unlimited supply of water, so when it senses fire, it will soon respond with a jug of water. However, every few jugs, it must rest a little.

That's all I know about the machine for a now. Check back in a while to see next more information on it. For now, I'm signing out.

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