Mein Kampfusion

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BEFORE: So yesterday I started a thread on 4chans x board to have people write a story once sentence at a time, and this is what came of it, enjoy!

"The fucking Jews are at it again!" exclaimed the man who pierced the darkness. Moses had said the darkness would be so thick you could cut it with a knife, but the Egyptians hadn't really believed it until that day. The man struggled to see who had thrown the delicious salty passover treat, but to no avail. Suddenly, he felt a cramp in his stomach and clenched his buttocks tight. Another stupid plague, the plague of too much taco bell. At that moment, Mr. Hitlaren swore that somehow, in some form, he would get his revenge. Not your average revenge. the kind of revenge only a man can get on another man. another man he is deeply in love with, Deep, unreturned love. He would gas the Jews, and send his lover all of their severed genitals. He knew that would get him the attention he so deeply desired, for surely all would know it was an act of deepest love. just then a skinwalker appeared! Red sends out charmander. HOLY FUCKBALLS A SKINWALKER ! Charmander shat himself in fear and retreated back into his pokeball. The skinwalker fled into the pokeball after charmander, putting an end to all Hitlaren's nighttime excitement. And then John was a zombie. THE END


-An addendum by Hitlaren's wife, Hitleretta

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