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Melina is a sixteen year old girl,who has been abused all of her life by her parents,but when her siblings try to help her they just get hurt,so after a while they just stop trying. Melina goes to dance and music classes,she also does martial arts,but she isn’t as strong as her parents.So anyway it took just one thing in this one day, where she had been abused all day until she left for rehearsals,to make her snap.

During dance class,Melina’s teacher asked her to do her solo,and she did it but got it wrong,because she had forgotten to twirl at the end.So she done it again,got it right but the teacher still said it was wrong. The teacher had said that she hadn’t pointed her toes,and so Melina done it again, but the teacher still SaI’d it was wrong, but Melina know it was right so she said to the teacher “I have done it right this time and I will not do it again”,the teacher said “If you don’t do it again,I will give your solo to someone else”and that is what made Melina snap to be told that she would get her solo taken off of her,if she didn’t do it again,and with that all of Melina’s anger was let out,because she had just stabbed her teacher in the gut with her pocket knife,the teacher went limp oh in her hands and one of the other students was On the phone to the cops he had said “Hello officer we need help at the studio Melina has forsaken our dance instructor with the penalty of death” and with that Melina was out of the building and at her house in a matter of minutes, killing anything in her way.There was no one at home so she ran upstairs packed a bag, with clothes and her PlayStation 3 and her favourite games,she ran downstairs packed another bag with her father’s weapons,such as blades,guns a butcher knife and a few other thing and she got her passport some hidden money from her parents and left the town,to live in the woods.

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