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minecraft...a sandbox game that I loved in dear.But sadly after that experience.
I...I well my name is john and I played my minecraft since I was a little kid. so here is my story of my experience.
I was playing in my most successful world I just started a month ago.
I made a wooden house with about 5 brewing stands on top of cobble stone. Also a nether portal and a wheat farm. But one day I was putting the finishing touches on my enchantment table shed. I was putting up a sign that said "the olde creepy shack of enchantmen" then my game crashed before I could type a T in enchantment. So I turned off my computer and turned it back on. Then I went back on minecraft and my world had been deleted. After a couple minutes trying to piece it back together like a puzzle I couldn't figure it out so I played some left 4 dead 2.
day 2:
well I didn't have very much to do on my computer and I wasn't in the mood for any exercise or any mood for some derping with my friends, and Garry's mod was full of douches and guys with inappropriate sprays. I made a new world, and I spawned in a swamp where I spawned in my last world. It looked a lot like the last world and so as any non-noob-like minecraft player would do is collect wood. After that I got coal and built a house but at night when I ran back after mining. Redstone was all over the dirt floor of my house. So I cleaned it up, then I made a bed and went to sleep and after that I saved and quit and
when to bed myself While I was sleeping I had a nightmare refracting minecraft that was way to gory to type down on this story and vary disturbing like creepers in pain and growing arms that looked like ender arms and started walking on the ender arms.
day 3:
[content deleted]
day 4:When I returned to my world I spawned in the nether. This was bad I wasn't prepared and the only tools I had was stone and iron pants. Then a ghost appeared and shot a fire ball at me and died in a one hit KO. Then the game over screen said, "Looks like you are worthless to enter this world, huh?" suddenly a sharp pain shot up me; an emotional pain and I swear I could hear the scream of the ender man and the last thing I could see before I passed out was 2 sideway rectangle purple eyes staring at me from the corner of my room.

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