Minecraft - The Endermen

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One day i had got off of school, and i was ready to play Minecraft, i had started it up, and as usual, i had my iron pick-axe, my gold helmet,iron chestplate,and my leather pants and boots, i went off to get a cow for more leather, when suddenly it was night i had thought to myself "but it was just the START of day" but i ignored it, thinknig it was a glitch or bug...suddenly.....i had got back when my house was gone! this was where things got REAL weird, my sign from saying "my house, no trespassing" turned to "RAGHHHAHHHGGHHHHHH", i ran inside, seeing purple dots, i hurried, grabbed my things and ran out my house(ingame),i went to my digging spot, when suddenly, i noticed 5 endermen, and they grabbed at my character, i paused the game, but in background they kept moving, till they grabbed my arms and legs and ripped them off.

I quit the server and went on a multiplayer server not at my place, i had talked to my friends for a while, till i noticed my heart bars going down, and the 5 endermen behind my friend, i told them to turn around, but they said they didn't see anyhting and said i was crazy, soon, i logged off and decided to go on my youtube account, but things got crazy, my account picture wasn't my sonic character sire anymore, it was a picture of a enderman's head...i looked down and all my videos weren't them anymore, they were just endermen talking into it, saying "the haunting reigns over you, forever nad ever to you, then made the sound on my house sign:RAGHHHAHHHGGHHHHHH (i forgot to upload the video before i fixed them,sorry),i freaked out, soon, my computer started crashing with the BSOD, but the blue screen was just the endermen and the sign on my house, saying the gibberish-letters.

I decided to get my computer fixed, when they got there, they walked out in horror without doing anything...i freaked out, not knowing what to do, i turned around, and right there before me......was the 5 endermen.

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