Minecraft Creepypasta Are So Cliché

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Don't want to find THIS in your basement

I blame it on some annoying troll. Maybe even a friend playing a prank.

Still this is getting genuinely creepy.

I recently got into Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. Great games, both of them. I got invited into the Team Fortress 2 Railbait group, so I play on their servers a lot.

So I was excited to learn that Railbait has a Minecraft server. It's a factions server with PVP enabled. For those who don't know what that means, you start a faction, claim land that only members of your faction can build on, and defend against or ally other factions.

Naturally, I had to join. I quickly set up a faction, met some people and started a town. I now directly communicate with two of those people through means other than minecraft (I won't mention any names).

I think it's my fault that this whole thing started. I was being a bit of a troll, and hollowed out a huge 8x8x8 room under the faction territory. At one end I put an enormous Herobrine face made of endstone, netherrack, glowstone and dirt. I then waited for someone to find it. The reaction I got was hilarious!


And then the signs appeared.

One of my faction members found the first set of three signs that were posted on a wall in the room. I wish I had written down what they said, but they called us "New Gen" and said something about not interfering with their affairs, whoever "they" are.

Naturally, we were creeped out by this, especially since only faction members can build on our territory. I shrugged it off and pulled them off the wall, figuring it was just someone's idea for a bad prank. We all then went back to what we were doing, as if nothing had happened.

Today, I found this on the same wall.

I don't really think it's funny. Now I think it's just downright bizarre, especially considering the proximity to that Herobrine face. I know, it's cliche, but it's still starting to worry me.

Me and my friend had a discussion about this issue. We both know that only a member of the faction could have done this, so he plans to stay up and watch the area to see what's going on. If anything else happens, I will update and let you know.

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