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This was a island the chest was in my front i get everything but i see a tree then i get closer and there was a head but it was the same as my skin face then i was going then i hear a wolf then i turned back i see a wolf but this was different he had red eyes covered by blood including blood on the mouth this was creepy.

The he follow me i was tired i punched him there was just one but then it turned angry and with more blood i was scared the i punched him to dead the i exit. When i create a new world but i didn't put the name then th world was a snow forest the those bloody wolfs appeared and ocelots but there was a lot of them then i punched a wolf but that was a bad idea all the wolfs they follow me and the ocelots to i run but the blood killers don't stop i just run then they kill me i return but they didn't spawn just ocelots following me then i exit.

I make a new world it started in a plain biome it was so flat then i see a wolfs i run i go to a river they didn't follow me i thin its my way then text appeared and it said this

(Wolf) Your not escaping from us frank 666.

How they know my name how but there devils creatures from hell they then i walk to the high plains then i see ocelots saying

(Ocelots) We found you now hahahaha.

I was tired i need to kill this beast the they run from me then i punch one but they say this

(Ocelots) You so rude like that we don't play hahaha.

They follow me to the place where i spawn but i was hungry i run then it turn night then i died by a skeleton then wolfs spawn they wan't to kill i run the a lot of mobs attack me at the end i could't handel this i was playing a minecraft possessed by the devil but i exit out but a text say it's small but i will tell you

666 I MEAN THIS !!!!!!! Ocelots and Wolves will have there revenge.

I was scared i have to erase minecraft i have nightmares by that they want a revenge they they


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