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I love the dsspicable me movies so i got a dvd of minions which had just realesed yes this was in 2015 and the movie was pretty normal.

That was... every part exept the last 30 minutes.

so you know how in 1 scene kevkn basically be, comes godzilla, well in this version the ultimate weapon instead of growing kevin...

It blew him into tiny shreds. Hyper-realistic blod was fired everywhere! It was so much the glass broke! It went ALL over the pepole who were chasing kevin.

It cut to the people who were chasing him, they danced their butts off.

Then all of a sudden, they ran outside annd i cutted, to a title cadd that read "later" and it showed...

I don't know how to describe, but everyone including scarlet overkill and every villan exept the minions... ALL EXTREMLY DRUNK!!!

It was a huge bar in the scene! For the next 5 minutes they juat drunk and said drunk people stuff, and fought.

After 5 minutes scarlet was so drunk she used all her weapons at once, and KILLED EVERYONE INCLUDING HER!!!!! The entire building was exploded and destroyed, hyper-realistic blood splaatterd everywhere too, it then showed the remains of everyone who died, the building, and then it showed, everyones ghosts including kevins fighting?

This was too much, i trid to pause, but i couldn't! The button was was stuck! The big ghost fight was so big, everyone did a kamehameha at each other and there was an explosion! Then random cartoon characters wearing clothes saying "scarlet sucks" on them and POOPED ON SCARLETS COOOORPSE!!!!! I was shocked! Thank god the credits rolled there, they were the same as the normal movie, exept the last part, usally everyone was a huge band until a t rex scares them off.

But in this version... scarlet comes out of nowhere, AND WAS HOLDING A NUKE!!!!! she quickly activated it and it destroyed the whole city the film was being filmed in! It ended there

I was so shocked i ate the disk. And pooped it out later that day. Then scarlet appeared in real life and killed ME! The end

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