Molly Murder

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A bloodcurdling scream filled and echoed around the room.... but what happened?

5 years ago, there lived a young boy in silver drive, his name was Thomas. He was 6 years old. He had dark, long,wavy brown hair. He had ocean blue eyes which his mother always complemented him about. He was close to his mom since his dad disappeared when he was 3 years old. His mother knew what happened, yet she would never tell him. He did not have any siblings to play and help him either. It made him very curious.

One night he was in bed, fast asleep. Thunder clapped and lightened his room. Thomas was very scared of thunder which made him jump, he hidden under the quilt, like how children did when they thought monsters will get them. "MOMMY MOMMY THUNDER!" He yelled, hoping his mom would notice and comfort him without him leaving his room in the dark. No reply. He wondered why his mother would not reply. He crept out of bed, a small blanket wrapped around him for warmth."M-M-M-Mommy?" He pleaded for her to reply. He wondered the hallway, noticing the front door is open."M-M-Maybe she went out.... i-i-i will check her bedroom in case..." He tried to comfort himself since his mother was not with him to do it for him. His mothers bedroom door was open, creaking slightly, asking for him to enter... What Thomas will see might not be what he was hoping for...

Wood panels creaked in his moms room. "Mommy? are you OK?" he whispered, wondering if she was hiding. A young girl maybe 13-14 was pulling something across the floorboards. He could barely make out what she looked like or what she was pulling. "Hello? are you mommy's friend?" he shivered, frightened. She hissed. "your mothers asleep, go back to bed boy." "You should not be in mommy's room, she will get mad," he told her, as if she would care. "Thomas," "how do you know my name?" "This is just a horrible nightmare," Thomas stuttered "But im not sleeping?" She sniggered. "What have you done to my mommy!" He puffed his chest out bravely.' There is no such thing as monsters' he thought. "well...." she held up a bag, using one of her two knives to open it. A body lay in it... not just anybody..." MOMMY!" He screamed. "Wake up!" an insane grin spread across her face."Who are you??? why wont mommy wake up??? who are you anyway???" He switched the light on, hoping to get a better look at this intruder. The light flickered yet eventually came on. Her eyes where one's of a cat yet hazel, leaking blood as if they were tears. She wore a black dress, like in Victorian times, her hair was also black. She seemed scary, especially with those knives in her hands. "Your mom will never wake up from this lovely dream she is having, yet your having a nightmare, I'm molly and i can help you drift into a sweet dream..." She laughed insanely. Thomas ran for the hallway, door closed and locked, he ran for the phone, the storm must have affected it badly, all there was, was static. Thomas knew this might be the end for him. He cried and screamed for help as tears flowed down his innocent face. Molly Murder edged closer... and closer... until she was hovering above his face. "Rest In Peace..." the last words ever coming from anyone other then him. Knives dug into his chest as she laughed like a madman. "Mommy..." he reached his hands to his mother. His eyes where taken from him as he was left for dead. Molly placed the eyes into her leather bag. The floorboards creaked as she tread along them, she took one last look behind her, then jumped out the window, targeting her next victim... Are you hearing creaking? Maybe your next...

Rest In Peace

Credited to Mollymurder1212123 

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