Monsters, Creatures Lie Here

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I wrote in my journal my mother got me so i could, in her words "shut my yap." I'm Abigail, 7 years old. I suffer with stress, and I'm a very smart girl at my class." was my first page. I'm now on my 200th page. I had been writing, as a song came on. I listened and I heard a part I loved. 'Monsters, come alive here, creatures lie here looking through the window.' I quickly wrote that down in the back . My mother hates me, my father was so nice, but he moved for his job when I 4 and I see him once a year. I cried making him bring me, but he couldn't. My mother was evil when he wasn't home but when he was she was like the top mom. I cry myself to sleep every night, she locks me in, I feel like monsters watch me, my friend who died Bella, smiling with blood scattered on her. I scream, I kick the door. Neighbors come to help, but my mother doesn't answer. I can't call my father, and my mother will kick me out if I tell someone at school. I have scars all down my back, but nobody notices. I act nice, but tears form. People ask whats wrong, but i just say I'm homesick. Nobody ever believes me but they leave me alone. They ask for playdates, I firmly say no and run away. I love this boy, but he doesn't care about love, or even know about it.. just like the other 2nd graders. "UGH YOU BRAT! STOP WRITING IN THE CAR IT KILLS ME!" My mother shouted. She told me to bring it.. I muttered under my breath.. I'm sorry. I knew I couldn't talk back, she'd kill me. My room had a bed, thats about it. It was rough and hard. The song played for a bit and it just ended as we got to the store. She smacked me out of the car in my face. It left a scar, making me bleed. She threw a bloody cloth and walked into the store. She's a robber. She smacked the employee. I cried, so hard that a 20ish year old girl came over and asked "Is she your mother?" I replied yes and cried into her beautiful sweater. She hugged me, and took me away. My mother ran and tried to hit her but she knocked her to the ground. She then called 911, a ambulance took me, and a police talked to her. They arrested my mother and forced her to tell where my father is. They gave me pills to fall asleep and when I woke up I was in the hospital. The girl at the store was right there waiting, she whispered "good afternoon!" I smiled, and she asked my name. "Abigail, how about you?" I replied wondering. "Ellie.." she smiled. "We called your dad, and he''s on his way here." She added. I muttered, "thank god." A few days later, my dads flight was canceled and he had to come in a month. I was just taken out of the hospital a week after that, and Ellie took me in into her beautiful house just by the beach. I didn't have to move schools, and Ellie said it was alright to tell everyone.. The day that my father called Ellie was the day she said she could take her in, and she got straight to work on making her a room. The room was beautiful, a comfy bed, toys everywhere, a tv, books, everything I needed. I loved Ellie and wished she could become my sister someday. We were going to be moving to a apartment far away from Ellie when my dad got here but I had a while to thank her, and hang out with her. We went to the mall, got me new clothes, gave me a new haircut, got me shoes, and everything new, I got my special toy I had since I was born at my mothers house that the police got for me since i was to afraid to go back there. For my mother though, she got sent to jail and then would be sent to alyssum. Ellie got me a iPad and I put on the song I heard in the car. I listened to it for hours, I was finally happy but would be sent to therapy for my nightmares of here. Thank you for reading, I may make a part 2 when she's 20 and Ellie's 40 and when she meets her mother again. Please give me some ideas and ill take them!

Credited to AyeeItsAri

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