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Mr bean.png   NSFW WARNING

This page is not safe for work or school. The content of this story is not suitable for some audiences, and may be inappropriate to view in some situations.
...Or in all situations, at any time, any place, and by any audience for that matter.

"Once there was a man named mooned-face"

"His face...was a giant butt"

"Everyone disliked Mooned-Face"

"because his face was a giant ass"

"Also, may I remind you, that his face... was his ass..."

"If he had to go to the bathroom(I.E, #2) he has to do a head stand to do his business"

"On Christmas, he had brothers that were normal and nieces and nephews, everyone hated getting kissed by him"

"because if he kissed you, he will start shitting"

"Also, because his mom was a blonde, she used to bathe him in Bleach every day to get rid of his disease"

"But of course, blondes being blondes, it failed"

"So she just went and did other blonde stuff"

"His father was not really pleased with his youngest son have a ass for a face"

"So his dad sent him to the doctors"

"They said 'I'm sorry... there is nothing we can do...' then his dad stormed out of the room"

"And baked a humongous cake for the doctors"

"But didn't give none for Mooned-Face"

"Because his dad didn't want to get Mooned-Face's face hole dirty"

"and waste a lot of toilet paper, and tons of gaging, on cleaning his face hole"

"20 years later, Mooned-Face found true love"

"Her name was Queefer."

"Queefer and Mooned-Face had only one kid"

"His name was "Mooned-Queef"

"Mooned-Queef was like the reflection of Mooned-Face himself"

"Except he would fart queefs(fuck logic at this point of time)"

"He was picked on at school, because of his fart queefs are very loud"

"But he didn't give a fuck because no one is perfect"

"20 years from now, Mooned-Queef had a child with a normal person and named his child No One"

"Because of the famous saying 'No one is perfect', so that is why he named his child No One"

"So they all lived perfectly in a unnormal state of happiness, farting or queefing."

"It proves that anyone, unnormal or normal, can live in happiness"

"Then one day, they just mysteriously vanished into the air"

"And if you could listen to the howls of the night"

"You could hear, and smell, the queefs and farts"

Created by the Creepypasta Chat

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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