Mr. Slenderman's Rise to Fame

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Seeing as it is almost Christmas time, I feel I am obligated to inform you of the heart warming tale of Slenderman's rise to fame.

Slenderman and his brother Jack Skellington were born in Alabama. Their parents were Chuck Norris. However, life wasn't always easy for Slenderman. While his brother was generally beloved by many people, Slenderman himself was scorned as a freak due to a lack of facial features. Teenage angst would cause Slenderman to join the grunge band Nirvana with his only childhood friends Jeff the Killer and Smiledog.jpg.

However, things changed in '91, when the group released the album Nevermind. It was well received and many people adored them. Slenderman even started a relationship with Jigglypuff.

However, I keep starting paragraphs with however. Smiledog.jpg overdosed on cursed kibbles and bits given to him by everyone's friend, Creepy Old Guy. Smiledog.jpg was announced alive on arrival. Creepy Old Guy entered a deep depression, giving cursed video games to unsuspecting youth. The band subsequently broke up.

Slenderman went back to being loathed by society. No matter how much Jeff and Jigglypuff tried to cheer him up, he just wouldn't smile. It was later revealed that Jack Skeleington tried to get his brother the starring role in Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. However, Burton was instantly impressed by Jack's acting and insisted that he play the lead role.

Jigglypuff was eventually discovered to be pregnant, and gave birth to Wigglytuff. Due to relationship issues, her and Slenderman split up. Left with no one else (as Jeff the Killer was serving a one month sentence for being verbally abusive to a pumpkin pie), Slenderman contemplated suicide. Soon, that was all about to change.

Slenderman than befriended Sonic.exe. After Jeff was released from jail, the trio started the rock band the Foo Fighters. They were internationally beloved. However, it all ended one fateful day when rumours circulated that Slenderman was stealing and eating children. Marble Hornets persistently claimed that they had video evidence that Slenderman was a child eating monster. Wanting to spare the band any bad publicity, Slenderman left to live in desolation.

Things weren't all bad though. Slenderman had no idea that his so called tarnished image had developed him a cult following. Many people loved him due to his perceived macabre background. With the release of the Slender games, as well as several spin offs, gave many people something to become enthralled in. Slenderman formally came out of isolation to attend Sonic.exe's wedding to Sally.exe. Soon after, childhood friend Jeff the Killer married Jane the Killer. Slenderman continuously supports his brothers legacy as one of the most beloved movie icons and to teach young hellhounds on the dangers of eating cursed kibbles and Bits.

So you see, even the most sinister seeming monsters can have even the most heart warming of tales. If Slendeman had a face I bet he would be smiling as he stalked you to your last breath. Happy Holidays everyone.

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