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one day there was a boy named peter von shite the 2rd, he was a normal boy that loved doing normal boy things like licking big lollipop and drinking cola. but one day that all changed.


peter and his mohter had gone to the taco bell, and peter ordered the gordita crunch wrap and a baja blast. qwhen peter went home, he ated the gordita crunch wrap in a singuler bite, and drinked the baja blast with a single suck on the straw. then he went to his room to play modern warfare 2, he got on his bed, but then he felt a rubmling in his tummy wummy.

'uh oh" he excalimed

'"must be the gordita crunch wrap from the taco bell i have just eated"

he jumped off his bed and started to run to the bathjroom, but it was to late. before he could make it to the door a blast of shit came out of his butthole, obliterating his pants. peter screamed in aogny as his undigested stomache contents poored out of his buthole. he could feel hes life being sucked out of him throug his buttthoel, and after a painfull 2 minutes of shieting diareha, he collapses, and them his mother ran in the room.

"oh mein gott!' she yells

"mein sohn ist gestorben!!!!1!!!1!'"

she calls 912, and when the police and abumlace arrived, it was too laet. peter was dead. 15 years later, there is a house is rumored to be haunted by a ghost named "'mr pooped pants" because surviors of mr pooped pants say he spraeys liquid poop to atack. that houes... was where peter von shite the 2rd lost his life.... the house was sold to a man named john "john" john, he did not believ the ruomr. he finished cleaning out the attec and when he came out of it into the upstair hallway, he seed something down the hall....

a transparent man with a brown liqued dripping from his but... it was the now aduolt gohst of peter von shite the 2rd!1!! he s creamed at the sight and tried to run away, but the gohst of peter quickly sprayed him down with liqeud shiet that maed him slip on the ground. peter alomst grabed john but john roled a little to the left and fell down the stares, avoeding peters brown grasp. john quickjly got up to run to the door to escape, when peter fired burning hot diraeha onto the door nob preventing jonh from escapeing. john was trapped and there was nothign he colud do. he tryed to throw chairs at peter, but they went throug him. peter sprayed him with sheit that disolved john into a pudel, and peter obsorbed him. john was only one of thuosands of peopel who daerd try to live in that hoeus.

2 days after john was declared mising, the house was put up for sael....

thank you for reading my "Scary Spaghetti" it means a lot to me that you even considered reading this wretched brown tale, have a nice night, or day, or evening, or morning.

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