Murder Sheep: The Return

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Before you read this, read the original Murder Sheep.

8 Years Later...

It has been 8 years since I started having a nightmare every night where a murder sheep rips my head open and pees in my brain. At this point it looks SO EXTREMELY LIFELIKE HYPER-REALISTIC x857936563967366474!!! Every morning when I wake up, I can feel the pee circulating my brain. My head feels damp.

Almost The End

I thought I was going to snap, and then I thought I saw a murder sheep staring at me, just as they were staring at Isaac in the VenturianTale video. I ran into my closet to weep, but there was a murder sheep in there too! OMG THEY'RE HAUNTING ME!!! I then decided it was in my best interest that I move to Ecuador under the name Senor Fartzenegger IV. But then I realized that I dropped my passport in the toilet when I took my last diarrhea dump for... whatever reason... Why did I have my passport with me when I took that diarrhea dump?

The End

Anyway, I knew that my last chance was to defeat the murder sheep and cure myself. I grabbed a butter knife instead of my AK-47 for... whatever reason... and dashed outside. But then I realized my house was surrounded by them. The blood from their eyes was getting on my lawn! THEY WILL PAY!!!

Just Kidding, That Wasn't The End

An epic battle was waged. Though many HYPER-REALISTIC sheep guts were spilled, the murder sheep killed me. The last vision I remember was the murder sheep's blood, dripping into my left eye. It felt cold.

Okay, THIS Is The End

That was the story of Murder Sheep. If I'm dead, how am I typing this, you may ask? Well, I'm typing this from THE GREAT BEYOND! Heaven has fast internet, you know.

The moral of the story is if sheep are haunting you, move to Ecuador under the fake name of Senor Fartzenegger IV. Just remember to leave your passport outisde of the bathroom when you take a diarrhea dump.

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