My Friend Committed Suicide and I Think I'm Next

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Before you read this message, make sure that you are alone. If you are alone, turn off all the lights in the room, get a torch or a lamp as a light source. And whatever you do, do not stop reading until you have reached the end of this message. And don’t worry. Regardless whether you reach the end or not, your life will not be endangered, but I do implore you to read this through to the end. Be skeptical if you want, but I only want you to understand the nightmare I went through in case you end up in the same situation.

My name is Marcus, and I hope that you never have to witness what I did all those years ago.

It was around 4 or so years ago when this story took place, and I was at a friend’s house. Cliché, I know, seeing as you would normally expect a hangout with friends or a party or whatever, but it wasn’t any of that. At that time, a friend of mine, Frank, was, for lack of a better word, depressed. I’m not sure how long it went for, but, I figure it was long enough to be on a verge of binge drinking. After about a week of this binge drinking, me and some other friends were more than a little concerned and had decided it was the best time for an intervention.

With me were Nate, Dennis, Sarah, Wyatt and Eddie. All concerned about Frank, all willing to take part in the intervention, and all very good friends with Frank, just like myself. When Frank returned home, he was surprised to see us at first, but quickly caught on to what was going on and attempted to leave, but Dennis prevented him from doing so. After 10 minutes of convincing, Frank eventually decided to stay and hear us out, although the look on his face told me he wasn’t very enthusiastic about this.

We got to talking about how much his drinking and other actions as of late were concerning us and that it was making us worried for his health and all the usual stuff. After I was done, the whole thing was done as well, everyone having said their thoughts beforehand. I also noticed that I was the only one looking at Frank, who had tears in his eyes.

Wyatt and Eddie were looking at the floor, Sarah had her face buried in Nate’s shoulder while he had his eyes closed, tears slowly flowing down his cheeks, and Dennis was leaning on the wall with his back to us. I guess they weren’t as strong-hearted as I was, but, then again, I had tears forming in my eyes too, but I was the only one who could look Frank in the face.

Frank stood silent for a full minute before walking over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. I half expected him to break down crying, but, instead, he smiled at me and said “Thank you” before walking towards the door.

I was stunned by what I heard and what I was seeing. My friend had said “thank you” and was now heading outside. Something about this just didn’t feel right. It was like when you ask for something like a hot drink or a cooked meal, but you get the opposite thing. Before he left, he looked towards me and said “Watch” and nodded his head towards the window. I got the hint immediately, but I wasn’t feeling happy about this at all. As soon as he left the house, I looked out the window to see him walk onto the dark and empty road. I was half-expecting him to jump in front of a car, but that’s not what happened.

This point in this message may cause you to think that I’m insane and, believe me, this is the most difficult thing to say, but I cannot leave it out of this message, otherwise there wouldn’t be any point to this message at all.

Instead of seeing a car drive by or any other vehicle at all, I saw a figure step out of the darkness and towards Frank, who was standing in place at that point. It was too dark, so I couldn’t make out any features, but, somehow, I knew it was a man. From what I could tell, he was wearing something similar to a hoodie and was carrying something in his right hand. After seeing the figure, something compelled me to open the window, sending the cold air in the house, which got the attention of the others. A second later, they were swarmed around me, staring intently out the window.

Frank was now fully looking the man in the face and nodded his head. It was at this point that I realized that the man was holding a scythe, because he then held it above his head. After bringing the scythe into the air, he then said a string of words which will forever send shiver down my spine.

“May Death welcome you”

Almost immediately after he said that, he swung the scythe down, the blade piercing the top of Frank’s head with a sickening crack of the skull and a squish of the flesh.

I was mortified at this sight, but the others had a completely different reaction to this compared to mine. All of them had their heads bowed down and their eyes closed. Almost as if they were at a funeral. I, meanwhile, never took my eyes off the figure, who had now lifted the scythe out of Frank’s head, causing his lifeless body to fall to the ground. As soon as he hit the ground, something inside me caused me to leap out the window and start running towards the sight. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done that. But what could I do? My friend was dead and this monster was just standing there staring at his corpse.

After getting close enough to get him to notice me, I stopped in my tracks. It was at that moment that I could see his features more clearly. His hoodie was a dark brown and looked to be falling apart, almost entirely covered in black stitching and had tears in several parts. He also had black pants and black shoes. But, what really traumatized me was his face. He had dark grey skin, which was slightly winkled. His neck had a rope mark around it, like he had tried to hang himself, but was unsuccessful. His hair was extremely tangled and messy. He even had it tied in a ponytail, but it was colored black and white. He also had a thick scruffy beard of the same color.

Another creepy feature was the large gash in his face, although it looked more like a large cut starting from next to his left eye and trailed down to the left side of his face and he had opened it, as it was much larger than a simple cut. The last feature of his face were the eyes. Pitch black with white dots staring at me with a lot of trepidation. Just when I thought that was it, he smiled at me, showing pure white teeth.

I was shaking at this point and found myself unable to move from the spot. The man then held out his hand and took mine in a handshake, to which I felt blood on my hand, which gave me the impression that his wrists were slit. After he released my hand, my suspicion was correct as I saw blood dripping down his arms.

I had no time to even to much as move or try to say anything before the man’s expression changed to a serious look and said “Your friend has given up his life for too long. So, now he was sealed his fate. As for you… know this. Value your life, otherwise the next one to die could be you”

I barely had enough time to ask or respond to this before he smirked a sadistic grin at me. He then started walking backwards, still grinning at me before fading into the darkness. It took me a full 5 minutes to compose myself and phone the police. It took them 10 minutes to arrive, during which I was was just standing there in the dark road staring at Frank’s body.

They ultimately ruled Frank’s death as a suicide, despite my testimony. Even after I repeated the whole thing to them 5 times, they didn’t take murder into account, no matter how much detail I went into about it. After they left, I saw that the others had took off as well. To where? I have no idea, as I never saw any of them again. Frank’s funeral was the next day. It was a closed casket. None of my friends from the intervention had shown up. After it ended I was the last one to leave.

Ever since the night Frank died, I’m not the same anymore. All I do is sit in my room with the lights off and stare out the window into the night. I don’t eat, I don’t drink, I never leave the house and I live in constant fear and paranoia.

You can say it’s paranoia, but I’m sure that the man is coming for me, just like he how he came after Frank all those years. Should you find yourself in this very situation, just make sure that you don’t make yourself a witness to anything the man does to anyone else. I have no shame in admitting that I got myself into this. The intervention was my idea and that’s what got Frank killed.

One more thing, and I must make this quick because I just heard some glass breaking downstairs. It’s him and he’s come to get me. I may be terrified, but I’m not denying him this. Whether it sounds absurd or not, I can’t go on living much longer. He can have me if he wants, but I have to make sure that he cannot have another.

I can hear him coming up the stairs right now, so I must make this clear. If you really want to stay alive and be well away from this man, then do this one thing…

Value your life… Please…

Credited to Brandon Edgar

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