My GF and I Wrote a Trollpasta by Taking Turns Writing Every Other Word

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Once upon a midnight so chilly, I had on a woolen sweater over my thickest jacket, I went to the GameStop. It smelled awful, and I wanted to vomit. There was another customer outside, watching alongside his dog. I waved. His dog waved. He had a hand. It had a thumb.

I bought Nintendogs™. The dog's eyes rolled and turned green. He turned to run. I chased the dog out into the parking lot, where he disappeared. Silence fell. From behind I heard someone coming up towards me. It was the dog. His paws were red with ketchup.

At the time, the thought of hyper-realistic eyes did appear in my brain. I screamed.

All the noise made it hard to think. In his mouth, Nintendogs™ lay, wet and overpriced. My legs buckled and gave. The DS flew into my hands. I turned it on.

The logo was in blood. With no hesitation, it began to play Nintendogs™ without dogs. I pressed A and silence fell. Growling made me look up at the dog, staring at me with hyper-realistic eyes. I wondered where it got hyper-realistic eyes. Maybe it's from the hyper-realistic void.

Either way, I turned back to the game. It was bleeding everywhere, all over the floor. Barking echoed throughout the DS and dogs started howling. They had a mean snarl. Dalmatians appeared and stared at the camera. There weren't any UI.

The dalmatians opened their maws, and revealed another DS. It also had no UI. The dalmatians bit the DS until it snapped and shattered. Blood dripped from the cracks. I screamed.

Then from behind I heard the real dog scamper up the path. Alone, I played Nintendogs™, which left me frightened, cold and screaming.

Wind howled like a mournful mother, echoing out into the parking lot. I pressed on, using all my strength to get home. Blood scent curled around my throat until it died. Screams entered through nowhere.

Opening my door, the couch had blood dripping down. I tightened up. Something told me the world was gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed she was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead.

The end.

Credited to nomashawn 

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