My Life as a Teenage Robot: The Other Side of Jenny

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So you know MLAATR? Its about a robot named Jenny or Xj9 saving the world with her friends and doing normal teenage stuff but when she saves the world, everyone complains. It started in 2003.

But there was an secret episode in 2002.

It was sent by a Roblox dude named "SecretEpisodes!".

I just got the link without context. AND he wasn't my friend on Roblox, which confuses me.

Anyway, I clicked it.

It started with the normal intro, but Jenny seemed to be angry and the logo had blood on it.

It started with Jenny trying to save the world.

She did so, successfully.

When she was done, she heard how everyone in the city was talking smack about her.

Her face turned red.

"THATS IT!" She snapped.

Everyone stared at Jenny.


"Ok Jen. Calm down, its ok." Brad comforted.

Jenny sliced Brad into 2 pieces.

Blood streamed out of him.

"You need to calm down... so lets go to my house and have som-" Sheldon tried to say, before being crushed by spikes.

"... Jenny? Are you ok?" Tuck said, worried.

"OF COURSE NOT!" She snapped.

"Ok Jenny, calm down." Tuck tried to say, before being eaten by Jenny.

Nora heard word of Jenny being a murderer.

Nora went over to Jenny, trying to switch her sleep mode to on.

"YOU... YOU WILL DIE!" She said, before running her over with a spiky car.

She became a giant and started to destroy buildings, banks, homes and people.

There was distorted screamed and Jenny doing a distorted laugh for 3 minutes.

After that, it cut to static for 14 seconds.

After the static, it showed Jenny, next to the town, who has been burnt down with blood all over the town.

"You... Do you like me?" Jenny asked me, in a demonic voice.

"Yes." I responded.

"Good." She said, before the episode faded to black.

The credits didn't happen, but it cut to the ending logo, which had only 1.

It had a voice that said "The big friendly line!" With the logo having a red line with two eyes staring at me and a smile.

It had text under it which read

The Big Friendly Line Inc.
Copyright 2002 MLAATR is owned by Nickelodeon. All rights reserved to Nickelodeon.

It ended after 4 seconds of the voice being over.

I was shocked. She killed her friends and the town, she was like a villain this time.

I reported the message and to my surprise, Roblox deleted it!

I was happy this wont happen again... Will it?

Credited to Ididnotcomeupwiththislol 

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