My Little Pony: the scary movie!

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I love My Little Pony. One day I found a DVD saying "My Little Pony: the movie". I took it and watched it. Why i did it?

The plot was about Twilight Sparkle turning into a freakish creature known as a "Goor-lah". It was an upright pony with five tentacles coming out from each hoof and a shorter snout. She was in a world of freakish creatures like her and there were freakish versions of the other 5 ponies. They joined together and fought a fiendish creatures like the others, but with black eyes and wings. There was some school stuff in it, I don't remember everyting.

It was scary and creepy, but at least the songs were nice. The actual title was something like "Eekwash Trial Goor-Laz".

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