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a couple of days ago my friend josh had a accident. im at his funeral. his body was in the casket yesterday. And...NOW ITS GONE.

heres what happend. it was the day before the university prom. me and josh both got dates. my date was fine. but joshes date was acting all wierd like she was trying to keep a secret. the next day we got ready after university. we walked to the prom. when we where there we had a couple of drinks and hung out. then a slow song came on. we started dancing with our dates. josh and his date started to kiss. then a huge guy and his friends came. the populaar guy who looked like a jock from the 70s came in. he yelled at josh, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THATS ME GIRLFRIEND. josh was scared so he ran. i fallow. they chased him in a alley. one of them poored burning bleach in his face burneing his mouth and eyes of. they broke his arms and strangeled him to death.


the funearal is over its dark im sadim walking home. then i heeard a strange noise. i turned around and saw a tall figure with no face. he was pale. he... was... wearing... the... same suit... that josh was wearing the night of the friend, i think i can even call him. anyways he stalks people even me im having nightmares help.

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