NHL 12

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One day I said "Why not play some NHL 12 on my xbox 360" I put the disk in and started it up.

A game had already started so I said "Why not play this match?" I proceeded with the game.

Something was wrong though, screaming came from the crowd but not normal screaming, it was screaming as if a little girl was being killed. I also heard a baby creing. It was very realistic crying and screaming. The screen faded to black. I saw a bloody Daniel Sedin face. My favorate player? Why? Anyways, his guts were right next to him in a blood puddle.

He said "You miss 100 percent of the shots you take." Then I tried to eject the disk but it would not come out. I waited 2 minutes and the disk drive opened. Daniel Sedin is getting you tonight. Help me! Please!!

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