No More

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Ted was an ordinary kid with an ordinary life. He liked video games and was very smart. He thought his life was perfect until one night when he decided to invite a friend to study and spend the night. They started playing "World of Warcraft" but that stopped when his computer screen turned of then heard an bloodcurdling scream. Ted heard the words "no more" echoing. Then Ted realized his friend was gone. Ted went downstairs to check it out and he saw his mom dead in a bloody mess on the floor. Ted was speechless... Then he heard "no more" echoing again. He went to his dad's bedroom and saw him dead with his heart out of his body and his entire chest open revealing his insides. Ted saw his friend come out from under the bed holding a knife. Ted said, "I-it was y-y-you. His friend replied in almost a whisper but also with a somewhat demonic tone, "So you finally figured it out..NOW YOU WILL BE NO MORE!" He lunged at Ted with his knife... And while Ted was lying dead on the ground, he heard the words "no more" for the last time.

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