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I use to love Phantom of the Opera. I drew on my Ken Doll's faces and made them paper masks and named all my Barbie dolls Christine or Meg. Then one day I met this boy. His name was Erik. He followed me around all threw middle school then on the last day he followed me home for the last time. I turned around and hit him with a rock, and then he really was Erik Phantom. Ha. But he couldn't act like Erik. So I threw him in the Ohio River.

Then in high school my obsession was the movie Labyrinth. You know with David Bowie? That's where my first boyfriend, the David came in. I made him dye his hair blond and grow it out long, but he just couldn't the goblin king, so I threw him in the river. I was almost caught that time but I threw that kid in the river too.

I'm married now, and still live by the Ohio river, with my daughter Lucy and son Frank, recently they watched a Monster In Paris with me. It's about a giant flea named Francoeur and a girl named Lucile. I like that movie...

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