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The Second OMG CEEB pasta, Based on a true story

Prince weaver: Anyone laughs and i will kick you


~Weaver Got tired of Zy's shit~

~Zyranne got the fuck back here~

Zyranne: (okay)

Clericofmadness: Yeh can we stop abusing our powers?

~finneow got a gay new name and got in here~

Finneow English: Seriously, Dont laugh

Prince Weaver: HAHAHAAH

Finneow English: yeah im gonna go fuck you over now

~Finneow and his gay new name rage quitted~

Prince Weaver: Wow what an Idio-

~Weaver has been renamed to PONY~


Dempugs: omg what is happening

FrozenFire2: i have NO idea

Grammatik: frosn pls

PONY: frosn pls

Ectobiologist: frosn pls

Clericofmadness: Well fuck this im of too right some shitty book or somthin

~clericofmadness is gettin real tired of your shit and left~

DemPugs: (dedchatz)

PONY: prammeh wat r u doin

Pramirez123: im just over here talking to Mr Remington TummyTums

NoOneWillSee: Who the fuck is-

~Pramirez123 has been killed by Mr Tummytums~

NoOneWillSee: Huh, Well that might make a good CREEPYPASTA

Zyranne: yehno

~Castiels Nipples has nothing better to do~

Ectobiologist: uh, Haiii <3

Grammatik: (-_- )

CPwikiCHATlogger: I have not seen People being open minded since i have been here!

PONY: wat

Dempugs: defuq

~Ceiling Nick Has ceist his watching and joined~

~Jesse Felt the force of nick's Big Throbbing Banhammer~

Castiels Nipples: What just happend

Whyamireadingthis: ceeb drones

All of chat: wat

Whyamireadingthis: CEEB DRONES

PONY: Bullshit

Whyamireadingthis: :|

~like, 9001 ceeb drones have joined the chat~

Whyamireadingthis: Brace yourselfs, This is gonna hurt a bit.

~Finneow and his gay name got in here~

Finneow English: yeah i want none of this

~Finneow Dont want none of this shit~

Whyamireadingthis: brace yourselfs, fuckwads

~ceiling nick banhammered all teh ceeb drones causing a... *puts on sunglasses* CEEBSPLOSION (YEAHHHH)~

Whyamireadingthis: that was easy

Kill1mes: this is why i dont come here anymore

PONY: ...

PONY: So can someone fix my na-

Whyamireadingthis: no

PONY: Well, fuck you too!

~PONY and his CHEESY name rage quitted~

MORAL OF THE STORY: Weavers name is stupid.

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