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Everybody knows newgrounds right? That one popular website made by Tom Fulp? Well I was searching around in an old-ass site archive and found the original 1995 version of newgrounds. Apparently the proxy was called "Oldgrounds" the site was never originally called Oldgrounds in the first place so I was curious to click on it. It looked like the internet of 1995 barfed on newgrounds and slapped a new name on it. It looked very primitive. But hey! It was 1995 wasn't it? There were only a few submissions and they were all from Tom Fulp. The creator of the site. But there was one I just couldn't stand the thumbnail of even. It was called "Ο ΘΑΝΑΤΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΚΟΣΜΟΥ" Which translated to "DEATH OF THE WORLD" I was suprised by this title so I just couldn't resist clicking on it. It somehow had all the trollpasta characters and the infamous patrixxx. Then it showed the earth exploding. And then at the very end some text popped up, it said "It's just a joke guys." And then it ended. The next week I recieved a strange letter from Tom Fulp himself saying "It's just a joke, I really wish you didn't open up that old flash toon I made back in 1995, the file got corrupted by some sort of creepy figure and accidently uploaded to the site, and anybody who watched it even people from today are haunted by it. Aproxmitly 900 people have died from this haunting, 1500 still live but either are in an Insane Asylum or in Prison. I really wished you didn't watch the flash file...It was really meant to be a joke but then the corruption started. See you on the other side. -Tom Fulp" It also came with a package containing an unbranded laptop  along with a disc entitled "Newgrounds.exe" Supposedly it was the new version of the site. I popped it in to the new unbranded windows 7 laptop and it booted up idmediately. It looked like your average newgrounds.

All was well and the god forsaken proxy file of Oldgrounds was taken off that archive. I'm sure Tom Fulp never intentionally corrupted it but who knows?

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