Origins of Laughing Jack

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There was once a man named Jack he was happy with brown hair and he was always used to being around children when he would rock them to bed.Oneday he joined the army on his first day he said bye to his mom and his last words to her were "bye mom see you in hell".His mom thought wierd.So he got his head shaved and started wearing a hoodie.The general got mad at him and said "get that asshole hoodie off"Jack shot the general and then thought kill was fun.He blew up one guy and a kidney flew into his mouth.He thought "these taste good".One guy said dieing"cut your eyes out BITCH".Then the guy died with Jack standing there laughing and thinking "This is so fun".That night Jack was banned from the army with the army people being recoverd/Jack got so mad and furios that he cut his eyes out and said "now just need a mask".He found a mask and began rubbing blood from his eyes under the eye part of the mask.His mom heard him laughing and said "Jack sweetie are you ok".Jack said "ok? IM BETTER".

Jack said "Mom you look a little tired".When his mom went to bed he got a giant sharp knife cut out his moms kidneys and ate them then he ripped out his moms liver and ate it.The next day Jack yelled "kids lets play knife tag".The kids cheered and played with Jack but it wasnt the tag you played when you were a kid they were all kidney and liverless and dead.Jack thought "yum kidneys".He thought about everyone he killed and said "more kidneys equals more nutrtion".Police are still on the lookout if you see this man that fits the description call 911.

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