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The boy walked, excited to see his friend Adam. He hadn’t seen him in forever! As he approached Adam’s house, he stopped as a blanket of guilt wrapped around him. He knew he was the reason they hadn’t seen each other, he remembered what happened at school and turned around. “I can’t believe I did that...” He’d murmur, weaving a long sigh. He then heard footsteps as a warm, soft, gentle hand landed on his shoulder. He thought, Oh no it’s Adam. He turned to see Adam’s bright smile. “Hey!” He’d say, enthusiastic, “How are you Jason?”. He’d hug him, “I’m doing great! How about you?” He’d try to sound as enthusiastic as possible, but Adam saw right through him like a slim sheet of plastic. “What’s wrong?” Adam asked, concerned. “Nothing, I’m fine!” Jason answered, his voice cracking slightly, “I uh just don’t like the bad weather.” Jason fumbled with the zipper on his jacket. “Alrighty then! Let’s head to my house and watch some Stranger Things!” Adam grabbed Jason’s hand and ran, Jason trailing behind him.

Adam’s House

Adam shoved open the creaky door, his cat running to hide from the sudden sound. “Isn’t it nice?” Adam stated, pointing inside. Jason looked inside the old house, “Yeah, it is.” Jason lied, trying to make Adam happy. He then thought, jeez this must be like 50 years old. Adam then interrupted his thought, “Let’s head up to my room!” He’d run in, Jason following and shutting the door behind him. He heard a click but didn’t mind it. “Wait for me!” Jason called, running up the stairs after Adam. They got to the ladder leading up to the attic and he’d climb up, skipping two steps at a time. Adam then reached the top and ran, leaping onto his bed, the tiny rusty wheels at the bottom rolling slightly, “Come on! We can watch more of Stranger Things.” He’d say, clasping the remote to his TV as Jason climbed onto the bed. “Let’s see what happens next...” Jason said, laying on the edge of the bed. “Okay!” Adam said, excited. He’d turn on the TV and they’d watch, anxious to see what was going to happen next.


He must’ve fallen asleep because when he had woken up the TV was off, and everything was a blur. He’d rub his eyes, sitting up. Adam was nowhere to be seen, “Adam...?” He’d say in a tired voice, “Where are you...?”. He got up, running his fingers through his hair, fixing it. He thought, I probably fell asleep while watching Stranger Things.He’d get up, walking. His eyes finally adjusting to the darkness. He’d look on his watch, checking the time, it was 10:30 PM. He’d get nervous, knowing his Mom will get mad at him for spending the night without permission. He’d slink down the stairs, praying there wasn’t any creaky steps. He’d make it to the bottom, silently creeping towards the kitchen to grab his phone. He made it to the kitchen counter, but his phone wasn’t there. He’d whisper, “Dang it, where could it be...?”. He then felt a touch on his shoulder.

The Mystery Person

Jason quickly turned around, only seeing Adam’s innocent eyes with his angelic smile, “...Jason why are you up so late...?” Adam said in a half-asleep voice. “I was uh getting a snack...?” He lied, hoping Adam wouldn’t notice, but of course he did. “What were you actually doing Jason?” He’d say, annoyed by his attempt to lie. “I was searching for my phone.” He’d whisper, trying not to wake up Adam’s family. “Oh! Your phone is in the closet, I put it in there because someone kept calling you and the ringtone got annoying.” Adam said, pointing to the closet closest to the parent’s room. Jason walked over to the closet, opening it but not seeing his phone, “Are you sure it’s in this closet?” He’d say looking at Adam, a mask confusion covering his face. “Try taking a closer look buddy.” Adam whispered, coming up behind him. Jason looked back but then got shoved in, the door locking behind him. “Adam! Why’d you do that?!” He’d yell at Adam, upset. “Did you think I was just going to forgive you so easily? No! It doesn’t work that way Jason!” Adam yelled, frustrated, “You’ve been picking on me and using me ever since I got to the school! You steal my lunch; you get me in trouble. You even use my intelligence to get good grades! Then you expect me just to brush it off my shoulders like it’s nothing? If you did think that...I wouldn’t be surprised.” He’d scoff, taking a breath. Jason kicked at the door, but it didn’t budge. “One more thing Jason.” Adam said, smirking. “Tell my little friends I said hi.”. Suddenly the ground under Jason opened and he dropped, screaming while Adam laughed hysterically.

Little Friends

Jason woke, “Ugh...” He’d groan at the immense pain in his back. He then sat up, looking around, but all he could see was shadows and darkness. A tiny, cold, and wooden hand stuck out the darkness behind Jason, him unaware. It grabbed the back of his shirt and a head rolled out of the darkness. Jason looked at it, horror entering his face, he’d scream at the smiling doll’s head, his heart beating 10,000,000,000 miles an hour. Suddenly dolls start swarming out of the darkness, holding tools and objects, they all started chanting, “One of us, One of us, One of us.”. They crawled up onto his face and he felt a stab in his arm.

Waking Up

He woke, laying in the hospital bed and his parent and brother beside him. “Huh...?” He’d murmur, too weak to move. “W-where did all the d-dolls go...? Where’s Adam!?”. The doctor put another shot in him, a small dose of melatonin just to calm him. “It was all just a dream Jason; you were in a coma for 4 years...you got in a car crash on the way home from high school with your friend Adam.” The doctors voice low and calming. “Adam?” He said, looking around, confused. “Jason, sadly Adam hasn’t been as responsive as you have. He has forgotten the simplest of tasks and when he woke, he had no idea who he was or how old he even is. You’re very lucky Jason, I suppose I can’t say the same for Adam in this case.” He’d say, writing some stuff on his keyboard, sighing. “Ms. Rider, he mustn't go to school for at least a week, and keep him on this medication, it’ll help his mental state.” He’d say in a firm voice, handing her the bottle of pills. Ms. Rider took the pills, putting them in her purse. “Call me if there are any severe symptoms.” He’d say in his bear-like voice. “Okay, I will keep a sharp eye on him!” Ms. Rider said, looking at Jason. But Jason was playing with two finger puppets the nurse had given him. “Come on Jason, let’s head home so you can rest.” She’d whisper in his ear, helping him up. They set Jason in a wheelchair and rolled him out to the car. “Mom do I have to go back to school...?” He’d groan, rubbing his eyes. “Not for a week Jason.” She said, taking the puppets and giving them back to the doctor who had rolled him out, Jason shifted and landed in the car, half-asleep. “Are we going home?” Jason murmured, closing his eyes. “Yes Jason.” Ms. Rider whispered, covering Jason with a blanket. Ms. Rider started driving home, Jason quickly fell back asleep.

An hour later...

Jason’s home

He woke, rubbing his aching head. “Ugh...” He’d groan, looking to his nightstand, he saw a tiny bottle of pills, a cup of water, and a note saying, “Take one when you wake up Jason. Love, Mom.”. He listened and took a pill, sipping the water and swallowing. He felt better and his headache went away. “Thanks Mom.” He’d mutter to himself, smiling slightly. He got up, stretching. He’d walk down the stairs cautiously, making sure he didn’t slip and get himself hurt. He made it to the bottom and the smell of grits, bacon, and scrambled eggs wafted in the air, smarting Jason’s nose. He walked to the kitchen where he saw his mom cooking the grits, bacon, and scrambled eggs. “Good morning Mom!” He’d say with enthusiasm, glad to finally be in his own house. “Good morning Jason.” She’d say keeping her focus on the food, “How did was your sleep?” She questioned. “It was decent.” He’d say, rubbing the back of his head where he had hit it at the car crash. “I made you some food sweetie.” She’d say, handing him the plate and a spoon. “Thanks Mom.” He’d squeeze out before being smothered in hugs, barely able to keep a firm grasp on his plate. He’d squirm out of her hug, making sure he didn’t drop anything. "Your hugs are always so tight," He'd chuckle while taking a bite of his bacon. "Sorry! Just have to show my kid how much I love him!" Ms. Rider laughed. Ms. Rider and Jason sat down, eating. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a rock busted through the window.

Credited to ItzEx0tic12

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