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Okay so uh this is my first creepypasta so enjoy!

Day 1, 3:21 P.M

I was a normal pb2 player, like to socializing around in chat, kidding around in the game, and making maps.

So I decided to search some players, but this is getting weird, the top players list's boxes are gone, however there's a box labeled: Zakhaev Gurt.I shrugged and turned off my computer and gonna take a nap.

Day 1, 10:14 P.M

I woke up and continued my pb2 fun, but instead of the new loading screen, there's a black and white picture of a man and instead of the play button, it says 'Zakhaev Gurt'..This is getting odd, i messaged eric gurt and he replied: 'He was my older brother,but no longer with us.' I was sweating a bit but continued playing untill my mom told me to go to sleep.

Day 2, 2:35 P.M

Guys, I don't know what's happening, but pb2 is getting odd...Every text is labeled the name of his deceased brother.But I ignored and I go to multiplayer, and go to california, but this is weird, there's only 1 map, it's called 'come' and the I.D is accicardent.I joined, then i met a player named Zakhaev, i mean why? everything is labeled Zakhaev! But he didn't have a pb2 skin, he has a trenchcoat, a hat that covers his face, i said to him a simple 'Hi' but he didn't reply and all i hear is nothing but a bloodcurdling scream, the gameplay fades black, expect me, but a CS jeep ran into me and instead of the red dots the blood is realistic!

*To be continued.*

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