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I wanted to play pokemon. I ordered my Pokemon: scary pokemon: THETOTALLYLEGIT. It was from ebay. So it must be real. Than, I opened it up. When I opened it up, I heard a screamey scream. It was very screamey. I was all like, "Oh, just like the LP I saw!" And than, Professor oak came onto the screen. "He said, pick a pokemonz!" I was like "That's not how you spell pokemon! This is creeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppyyyyyyyy" But I kept on playing. And then, there was this charmander that said, "do you love meh?" I was all like "F#CK NO, DUMBDUMB!" And den he was all like: "I will kill you then" and den I said, "No u wont!" And den my character pulled out a shotgun a pew-pewed him in da face. And den there was real blood all over my gameboy, and than I was like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "THIS WILL COST SO MUCH IN THE DRYCLEANING."  And since I already beat my only game, Sonic.exe, I kept on playing. Than, A TOTODILE went on to da sceen and It was like, "BoO!" I was like, "That's scary! "That's not even this genaratioooooooooooooon!" And then, my trainer threw out my pokemonz, and it was called "Deathofdoomydoomdeathblood."I was all like: WOAH! My pokemon dictionary must have forgotten one!" and then, I had to chose a move. There was either KILL or MAKE IT DIE. And I clicked "MAKE IT DIE" because it came first in the alphabet. And than, a message showed up on the screen saying, "Totodile has been deaded. And when I returned to the overworld, my player started spinning aroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaroundandaround and my player showed up in a poke-graveyard. And I walked up to one of the gravestones, and it said my name on it. And (in real life) I heard a walking noise. I turned around, and, to my utter and complete surprise, it was professor oak wit a shotgun! He said, "You will die!" And den he shot me. And I died. And than I came back 2 life for 30 seconds to write dis. And than I died again.  

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