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Hello my name is Harrison, and today I have the scariest movie in my fucking life!

The movie

In the beginning these two guys, Phillip and Aron start seeing major signs of paranormal activity after they state this, Phil says he noticed a chair moved since the morning and the time they started filming, that is soo fucking scary! The next scene is twice as fucking creepy, the next thing, Aron notices one of the skeery ghosts put socks on his bed. Aron starts filming parts of his sleep, he hears the fucking scariest noise in the history of sounds, the ghosts flushed a fucking toilet! He stayed up all night because of how creepy that was, I did too. After that scene,  Aron hears paranormal activity, he notices a burnt picture of Patrixxxa Swasy, That is fucking scarier than ever! Phil starts thinking this ghost spree is insufferable, Aron tried to make the ghosts leave by singing Poker face, how fucking creepy! The next thing, he saw a door move by itself, Aron was standing outside to prove it was a ghost, Phil didn't want Aron to keep the door open. This is the fucking 2nd scariest scene in the movie, Aron tries to make the ghosts leave, when a ghost starts torturing him, they forced him to watch Twilight, this is without a doubt, worthy of nightmares! The next scene, Aron was getting attacked by the skeery ghost, the ghost looked so fucking realistic at this point, I had so much nightmares at this scene, after I watched this movie I got a shotgun and aimed it towards my forehead, when suddenly a skeery ghost jumped out of the Computer and killed me.

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