Pato's Revenge (Pocoyo Lost Episode)

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I bet most of y'all know this, but there is a preschool TV show that I would watch when I was little called Pocoyo. The show focuses around a little 4-year-old boy named Pocoyo, who has animal friends, such as a duck, an elephant, a bird, and an octopus. And even friends that are creatures from space. The show has been running since 2005 and is still airing to this day, and it currently has 5 seasons with over 260 episodes. The first four seasons are available to watch on YouTube, while the fifth season can only be watched on the video game, Pocoyo Party.

One time I was walking home from school, excited to watch another Pocoyo episode, while something on the ground was in my way. It was a DVD-R, but something was not right. On the top, it was written as "POCOYO" in all caps, and it looked like someone wrote it with a dry erase marker. On the front, it showed a crudely-made drawing Pocoyo smiling made on some black permanent marker.

I then turned the DVD to the back, and it only had 1 piece of text, which said, "Pato's Revenge". Now I thought, "who would name a episode like that from the show?". I then took it home with me, and I put the disc in the DVD player.

The menu's background showed Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, Sleepy Bird, Loula, Fred, Baby Bird, and Caterpillar all smiling very happy and they were dancing. The DVD menu only had one option, which was "Play". So I pressed it, and the episode came on.

The episode started with the Season 4 intro, but however, something was very unusual. The music was silent, the background was blood red, and the only characters to be seen dancing at the end of the intro were Pocoyo & Pato.

The title card came up, and it said "Pato's Revenge". The episode starts with Pato walking on the screen, with the narrator saying hello to him. He says hello back, which was very odd, as he never talks in the show. Then, Pato walks over to Pocoyo, and stretches his neck, seeing what Pocoyo, Elly, and the others were doing. They were building a block tower. Pato then says, "Hello everybody! What are you doing?".

This causes the block tower to fall, then everybody got mad at Pato and screamed at him like crazy, and then started saying rude stuff to Pato. First, Pocoyo called him "A stupid clumsy dumb idiotic duck", then Elly says that he is the worst duck she had ever seen, then Sleepy Bird says that he always disturbs her when she tries to nap, and then Baby Bird calls him a nincompoop french fry shaped duck, then Fred says that he would make him eat a disgusting tuna fish for dinner, and finally, Caterpillar roasts him by saying that he looks like he was too dumb that he was thin.

After all the mean stuff the others said, Pocoyo says, "We don't wanna play with you you stupid duck!" And also says "Let's go everyone!". Then, they were going off screen but they were still angry. As they did that, they talked about how bad Pato is.

Pato was then crying blood for a few seconds, and the narrator said, "I'm sorry Pato, but this is what happens if you mess up your friends' things.". This made Pato very angry, to the point where he grabbed dangerous weapons, such as a chainsaw, a G36, a flamethrower, a battle axe, a hunting machete, a SV-98 and a kitchen knife. The narrator later said, "Pato, what are you doing!?". Pato replied, "I'm gonna kill these motherfucking traitors for insulting me and yelling at me.". Woah! I never thought that there would be swearing in a preschool TV show! Anyways, after that, the narrator says, "Oh no..."

A time card says "10 minutes later", but the background was blood red, like the intro.

Then the others felt bad about being very mean to Pato and had sad expressions on their faces, and they went to apologize to Pato. However, as they were about to say sorry, they saw the very furious Pato with weapons in his hand. Pocoyo says, "Pato, why are there weapons in your hand?", then Pato replies, "I'm gonna kill you motherfucking bitches for being mean to me and yelling at me.". Then Elly says, "Pato no, please! we're sorry, we regret saying those mean things to you! Please forgive us!". Pato then says "NO! DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M GOING TO FORGIVE YOU FUCKING BITCHES!? NO! NOW PREPARE TO DIE FUCKING TRAITORS!".

Then Pato started killing them in different ways, such as stabbing Pocoyo with the knife and then slicing his skin with his machete, slicing Elly in half with the chainsaw, and setting Fred on fire with the flamethrower. During this, the narrator says, "Pato, why are you doing this? I thought we were friends!". Pato replied again, saying, "THEY WERE BEING FUCKING JERKS TO ME OVER A FUCKING TOWER! AND YOU DONT ASK THEM WHY THEY WERE DOING THAT!?".

Pato shoots Sleepy Bird 18 times with the G36, slices both Baby Bird & Caterpillar with the battle axe, and shoots Angry Alien's UFO with the SV-98 before the UFO exploded, killing Angry Alien in the process. Then blood was coming out of their bodies. Pato comes to the camera and slices the narrator with his machete. While he was getting sliced, he shouted, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! PATO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". Pato grabs the dead bodies of his friends and throws them into a box. He closes the box, and takes it to his room and puts it in his closet.

I had questions:

  1. Why is there blood and gore in a preschool TV show!?
  2. Where did Pato get the weapons from!?
  3. How are Pocoyo's friends able to talk!?
  4. Why is there swearing in a preschool TV show!?


Then he turns to the screen, staring at me, saying, "AND YOU! THE VIEWER, SHOULD ALSO DIE AS WELL! YOU FOUND THIS FUCKING EPISODE WHEN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LOST FOREVER! BUT YOU FOUND IT ON A FUCKING DVD! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, NOW THIS EPISODE IS FOUND BECAUSE OF YOUR BITCH ASS!" before he accidentally stepped on his flamethrower, pulling the trigger as Pato got burnt into a crisp.

Then the episode ends.

It then goes back to the menu. I ejected the disc and destroyed the DVD & disc with a hammer, and threw it outside on the road. I texted the official Pocoyo Twitter about what happened, and they said:

"We are so sorry you had to see that episode. 2 haters of the show was so angry to the point where they even made that episode and put it on a DVD. We had to fire them for what they did. both of them ended up in jail. Only 5 copies of the DVD was made. We apologize for the episode."

I never saw the episode ever again, if you see a DVD that contains the episode, don't watch it. It will ruin your childhood.

Written by Ian Ruiz (AngryBirds&FNAFFan)
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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