Patrick wants pancakes

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This is my first Creepypasta. So I’m aware it’s not good.

I've always been a fan of cartoons, Especially spongebob. But since the incident of the 19th of March of 2022, I've vowed never to watch spongebob again. It was a old vhs I've found in the park and it said: "Patrick wants pancakes". By the name alone I could already tell this was spongebob. I took it too my room and placed it in the vhs player and soon, after 3 seconds of static noises, the episode began. The theme song was normal, but the title card went to static. Soon after 12 seconds, the title card was shown. It read Patrick wants pancakes. The episode started at the krusty krab with mr krabs counting his money. I thought it would be normal. Patrick came into the krusty krab and asked for pancakes. Squidward then said, "are you joking? This place sells burgers! Not pancakes!" Spongebob even agreed with squidward. Patrick than asked mr krabs if he can have pancakes. Mr krabs, being the cheapskate he normally is, said, "I can't afford the ingredients for pancakes, but you can make yourself some at home." Patrick then got sad and cried. He said, "I'll make pancakes! Oh yes I will!" I thought it was a bit odd for Patrick as his personality is usually stupid, carefree and kind. But in this episode he's threatening krabs in some way. It then shows Patrick in his rock. But something was off. He was wearing gloves and it wasn't his doctors gloves from suds. He then went into a door that led to a dark room. He shined a flashlight and looked for something. It was then he saw an axe. He said, "I wanted pancakes, dammit.” Hearing Patrick swear was really odd. But what happened next shocked me to the core. He then over to squidward's house and destroyed his front door. When squidward woke up to see all the nonsense that was happening, Patrick decapitated squidward with his axe. And to add insult to injury, he cut up squidward's head and body and made a pancake out of it. I was in utter terror when Patrick did this and wondered what will happen to the other characters. Patrick then wandered over to krabs' house and knocked down his door too. But krabs was just sitting there counting his money and when he saw Patrick with his axe, he let out a horrid scream. Patrick cut off mr krabs' eyes and claws and proceeded to make a pancake out of krabs as well. He then made his way back to spongebob's house and knocked down his door. He knew that his friend wouldn't be cut up easily. So he set fire to spongebob and proceeded to make a burnt pancake out of his best friend. He then walked towards to chum bucket and made a pancake out of plankton. He then said "hey! You didn't give me pancakes too!" And turned to me. Before he could swing his axe at me I turned off the vhs and broke it in two. After the events, I never watched anything spongebob related again. I will never forget what happened and regretted the day I picked up the vhs.

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