Paukeman: Lost Episode

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Once, I was an intern at disney studios, when the boss came crashing in and said they bought pokemon. I was like "Can you make the games have multiple save files?" and my boss slapped me into a wall and said, "No, we bought the anime, fuckface!" After I got done killing him, I decided to look through his office for drugs for my addiction. I accidently a tape in his office, and it said "Paukeman: Hypa realistik blod edtion." Since I don't know any better, I decided to put the thing in my super nes and press go. To my surprise this worked, and the theme song started playing. But it wasn't the regular song, it was a backwards theme song! I figured, "Wow, Disney must really be out of ideas." After that was done, it skipped to the title card which showed Ash Ketchum, except something was off about him. Since I was too much of a dumbass to figure it out, I decided it was a glitch and kept watching. In the episode, Ash goes walking through a cave for 5 minutes, but whoever whores that where with him that season were gone. I was like "Lol, wut?" and all the other admins shat their pants and died. Then, over 69,000 zubats and geodudes popped out and swarmed Ash. The rest of the episode was the zubats and geodudes making bigger and bigger piles, eventually covering the whole planet. Then the end card came up and was like "Pokemons dead forever! Buy our shit!" And then a hyper realistic suicide mouse on a skeleton popped out and killed me. My last heard words where, "We will kill whoever reads this!"

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