Peep And The Cruel World

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This is my first crepypasta so don't make fun of me, please try to leave constructive criticism, thank you and have a good day

I was playing Minecraft one day, then I met a guy named Jake. Jake and I got along pretty well, we started using social media platforms like discord. Then Jake's behavior started changing, he made darker jokes, made creepy drawings, and started making questionable things in our Minecraft world. I asked him about his change in behavior, he ghosted me, I asked several times and then he finally gave in and said that dark content on the internet made him act that way. I told him to take a break from the internet but he completely ignored me.

One day on discord he sent me a file, I thought it was a virus and I refused to download it, after some time I agreed to download it, it was a video of a cartoon I used to watch, Peep and the big wide world, I was confused why he sent me a episode of this, but I kept watching afterward. The first title card was different, and said "Peep and the big cruel world". I didn't care at and I kept on watching, the 2nd title card said "The Last Bird", I thought that he changed some details of the cartoon just to try to spook me, how right I was. It showed Peep And Chirp next to the Lake, they were talking about visiting Quack, They go for a walk, but for some split seconds Peep completely vanishes, and Chirp can be seen getting more sad as he keeps walking, this goes on for a minute. When they get to Quack, he doesn't talk at all. The video cuts and they are then in some junk yard. Next some distant gunshots can be heard, Peep, Chirp, and Quack are startled, A bullet then speeds next to Quack, almost completely killing him, by this point I wanted to quit, but I kept watching. They all ran as fast as they could, Quack was shot, he wasn't killed, he was just severely wounded, Chirp and Peep tried to drag him to safety, then Chirp gets shooted, Peep needs to leave them behind, a man is shown which appears to be a hunter, he takes the bodies of Chirp and Quack, Peep watches in terror . It cuts to a real life slaughter house, Chickens were hanged, killed, and driven over, at this point I closed the video and I went to sleep, the next day, with built up courage, I kept watching. The clip of the slaughter house ended, the dead bodies of Quack And Chirp were shown, it showed gory imagery, their head was cut off, their legs were chopped, and their organs seemed to be removed, next, it showed the hunter cooking, and eating Quack and Chirp. I skipped the scene because I was to disgusted to even watch it . It showed Peep, he was under a tree, he was crying and he looked skinny, he kept crying for 2 minutes, every second the audio became more distorted, screams were heard, and reversed audio could be heard. After the 2 minutes of cryimg , it time lapses , day after day. Peep became more skinny, since his best friends were taken away from him, and killed, he became depressed, and he decided to commit suicide by not eating, after he died of starvation,I completely shut the video down. By this point I was in pure shock, for 1 minute it showed tangled bodies of Cheep, Chirp, and Quack. It was shown between static. After the minute, it ended with credits.

I immediately told Jake about the episode he sent to me, he said he made it himself, I blocked him and i reported him

I deleted the video obviously. Some weeks ago his account was deleted, and I've never heard back from him again, and I praise that I never will hear a single word from him ever again.

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