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I was playing Fortnite when the mail person put mail in my mailbox. I sensed him coming with my physic powers. I open mailbox and I see a CD with a letter underneath it. I open the letter and it says "If you find the game, pleases destiry it!". Idk what "destiry" means so I took the CD and put it in my computer. A game loads shortly after. A title screen that said "Peridot Amethyst.EXE" and a lot of blood appeared. I was so hungry I tried to lick the blood from the game to drink it but I ended up just licking my monitor instead. (It still tasted good). I click the Play button and the game starts. I taken to a main menu screen with three levels. Two out of the three were locked but the one with Blue Peridot wasn't. The other levels had Frobow the Clown and to my suprise, Jschlatt. I was thinking "Why would Jschlatt ever want Peridot Amethyst's crusty a-" but then I was interrupted by a loud screeching noise. "Play the game you fucking twit!" I finally clicked on the first level with Blue Peridot. The level started with Blue Peridot in a grassland area. I could obly move to the right so I did. I kept moving her to the right until I ran into something. It was Peridot Amethyst. Her eyes were closed. I cutscene started playing. Blue Peridot slowly approached her until Amethyst opened her eyes. They were blood red hyper reallllllllllllllisticana 4K HD red bloody eyes. She then killed Blue. The level ended. I tried playing the other levels but they were still locked. Too fucking bad I guess 🤷‍♀️

Pls no poo

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