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On the night of December 13th, 2013, a very disturbing episode of Family Guy aired on FOX, This was a unfinished version of Episode 8: Christmas Guy, The unfinished version was made before Seth and editors decided at the very final minute to put in a scene in the episode where Stewie saves Brian from getting run over by a car, to keep the fans quiet.

I was a big fan of Family Guy and while my parents were out for the evening, i decided to flick through some channels, until i found FOX, noticing that Family Guy was on next, i was very excited and waited for the episode to begin.

The episode began, but on title sequence, i noticed that the color tone was red, with blood running down, also the sound pitch of the voices were very low and really creepy, the video quality was terrible and the characters were more violent then usual, then the title sequence ended and the title card comes up, when an episode is in editing process they put a title card on it and when the episode is finished, they remove it, well, this title card said. FAMILY GUY: SEASON 12: EPISODE 8: PETER'S SUICIDE. I've never seen a title like that before, it looked way out of the ordinary.

The episode didn't even start normally, it shows the Griffins house and then shows the Griffin family watching TV, but, the characters were out of the ordinary, Peter was more violent then he usually is and completely hates Meg's guts, Lois was very depressed, Meg felt very sorry for herself and when she is crying, blood would be running down her eyes, Chris hates Peter's guts and defended Meg and Stewie has hyper-realistic eyes with blood running down, but noticed something very weird, Brian was in this episode, which is very weird as Brian got killed off 2 weeks ago, Brian was sitting down on the floor very depressed with hyper-realistic eyes with blood running down, he would say and do random things, kinda like in the episode, Seahorse Seashell Party, the episode starts with Peter bullying Meg as usual, but in a more violent and disgusting way, Peter said. "Die in hell you fat b*tch!" "Lose some weight you fatass!" then Peter farts in Meg's face as usual, Meg snaps at Peter, she says "SHUT THE HELL UP, do you even bloody know what you are doing to people, you are a fat, overweight drunken bully! GO TO HELL! PETER THE FATASS!" then Meg runs upstairs crying very loudly, hurting my ears, with blood seen all over the floor, this made my very uncomfortable in pain, i hated what i was seeing and hearing, then everyone starts shouting at Peter and they all slapped him the face, the pain got even worst, this when on for 30 seconds till Peter said. "SHUT UP!" and runs upstairs to his room.

The episode then cuts to a new scene where Peter runs into his room crying, then he grabs a piece of paper and a pen and whilst writing and sobbing, he says this. "My life has been a total wreck, everyone in the family hates and so does the public, i guess the only friends i've got is Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe, my job was the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, but everyone hated me and got fired for releasing dangerous toys to the public, all because i went to that stag party the night before, i guess if nobody likes me anymore, i just go and you will never see me again, so. Goodbye." that last word made the pain in my stomach from bad to worst, so after writing that note, Peter picks up his gun, loads it with bullets, shoves it in his mouth, pulls the trigger, and blasts his brains out with realistic blood, guts, gore and Peter's brains all everywhere.

Then the screen went black, a piece of text then came up saying. "This all your fault, Lewis" i found it weird that the TV knew my name, maybe it was possessed, the text came up for 10 seconds until another piece of text came up, it said. "Peter will haunt you each night." then the power when out, but the TV didn't go off, which was very creepy, so i went to turn the power back, i tried but it would not go back on, then i saw a shadow of Peter picking up his gun, loading it with bullets, shoving it in his mouth, pulling the trigger, and blasting his brains out, just like what i saw on the TV, a new piece of text then appeared saying. "WHERES YOUR GOD NOW?" for another 10 seconds, then the episode ends in static.

Got to say, i was scarred for life after watching that episode, i got nightmares of Peter walking into my room and stabbing me to death, the next day i searched on Google and YouTube about the episode, but nothing came up about the episode, no download links or anything, i even said about the episode on a Family Guy forum but the reply said that the episode is fake, but, i never, ever, ever, want to see that disturbing episode again.

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