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so i rolled to pizza slut (pizza hut) i saw a dead hooker in front of the door but i didn't give a shit. i yelled i want 13 pizzas with pepperoni 45 chicken tenders,27 pizza sticks and 52 chicken nuggets!!!. i paid them 1 dollar but they didn't notice it took 1 and a half hour for the food to be ready and i ate all of it in 2 minutes cause i'm not a penguin.

i then saw a dvd that came with it and it said play you dick bag.

i went home and put the dvd in meh computer. it downloaded alot of shit. 2 of them were videos and a couple pictures and a game and a music.

the videos-the first one was a pizza getting smashed by shoes and i shit meh pants cause how can people do that! and it ended with a pizza getting shoved in somebodys ass. i shit meh pants again thats pizza abuse!. the name of it was pizza cruelety.avi. well that explains nothing.

the 2nd godamn video-it was a person standing in the corner with a chicken tender in his hand. he then shits on the floor. then it shows a closeup of a ripped pizza then it shows a split seconds of a gross,disturbing,scary picture of a rotten pizza appeared. i shit meh pants and the guy started to dance with the chicken. i shit meh pants the 3rd time and also peed. i was so fucking scared!!!.aahhh.... . then the guy starts eating chicken and enjoying it. my ass blew up with shit almost on the floor.

i screamed so loud. the guy finish eating  the chicken tenders and i screamed more. the video ended and the name of it was chicken.avi.

my boner was so confused...i was very sick after that. i changed my pants and underpants.

and i was looking at the pictures.

pictures-picture 1 was a person naked eating chicken. i screamed and shat (shit) meh pants

the next one was a bloody pizza with a person eating it and mannaise was all over the persons mouth. i shit meh pants again and screamed so loud. the naubor went in and said what the hell is going on!?. i said nothing. and i pushed him down the stairs.

the next picture was a cat with a smiley face holding a got dog pizza. i shit myself and changed meh pants again.

the next picture was a person holding a rotten pizza stick thats all dirty and has shit on it. i screamed and peed all over the floor.

the next one was a very disturbing looking moldy pizza with a dog on it. i screamed y head off.

the next one wasn't bad at all. it was just a old man ripped open with his blood and guts everywhere on a train track. thats all...nothing scary about that picture.

the gross picture!

the last one was a pizza with green on it and i acctually put the picture. holy shit!!! i puked all over the keyboard like a total dumb bitch i am.

the music- the music was a fapping sound and at the end was a sound of a person eating chicken.

i shit meh pants so scary!!!

the gay exe game-it showed the sonic thing only a pizza was in the thing and for 6 seconds it had blood on it. it went to the menu and it said i choose chariter for you! and i clicked the start bitch! button.

i was a pizza that slithers in a grass land. the pizza then started pooping choclate and eating it and i couldn't control it or could i.then the pizza got a mouth and ate everything and ate pizza's. it then hold a chicken nuggets in its hand and the chicken nugget had a chicken nuggets in its hand and that chicken nugget had a chicken nugget in its hand and it kept doing that with a continuess music. the pizza then exploded in fire. and it died. then a pizza came from a box and punched me in the fucking face!

and a skeleton popped out and ate me!!!

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