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When I walked into the dark room at the end of the day, I stepped in something slimy. I was in an abandoned office building as I was the night guard. So I bent down and touched the slimy thing, because I had no flashlight to see it. I licked the slime, it tasted like a fruit nut. I was confused but I thought it tasted nice, it was WONDERFUL.

I ate up all the slime, without thinking and carried on and on. Until suddenly BLAHHHH. I threw it all up. I was in the kitchen, my slimy sick was in the sink now. So I ran up the stairs, scared in the darkness and fell back down again.

So I was knocked out and then...

I woke up Billy Mays, was standing over me. He yelled in a distorted voice; 'BILLY MAYS HERE'. He looked straight into my eyes, it felt like he was looking into my soul. Then out of nowhere Michael Rosen jumped out yelling; 'PLAMS' like a madman at Billy. Before I knew it, they had started a Pokemon battle. Billy yelled; 'KABOOM', throwing oxiclean infront of Michael. Michael's eyes suddenly popped out and Michael said; 'no... DRINKING'.

*Throws a glass at Billy.*

Billy fell to the floor faceplanting the ground. Then suddenly Vince the shamwow guy dived out of the oxiclean ball. Michael threw Billy's oxiclean at Vince the shamwow guy. Then all of a sudden BAM the dirt is gone,

Vince vanished into thin air, exiting through the window. He spent the rest of his life reading a comic in a windmill in Holland. Billy announced: 'The handy switch' and the room was flooded with light, which Michael was blinded by the exteremely bright light. Then all of a sudden the oxiclean fumes were to strong for Michael and suffecated him and then saddly...

Michael just fell over and died. And everything was lovely once again WONDERFUL.

(Michael was never seen again)

Written by CinnamonPasta‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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